Why is My Epson Printer Printing So Slowly?

I have an Epson inkjet printer at home for more than a year now. I use it on a daily basis for my office related work and other printing chores of kids. it has been printing fine till last week when I notice that prints are taking longer than usual. earlier I thought it was just one or two of them but now it has become pretty clear that my printer is faulty and takes upto 10 minutes to print a paper. I do not know what is wrong. Does anyone here have any idea?

Epson Printer Printing Very Slow:

To increase printing speed of Epson printer, just change your Epson printer settings -

Spooling -

Confirm that spooling is activated. To check this, go through these steps -

  • Go to start menu and then tap on Settings > Control Panel.
  • Next, press double click on “Printers and Faxes”.

  • Find your Epson printer’s icon and then press right click on it. Choose Properties.
  • Tap on Advanced option and then click on “Spool print documents”. Hit OK button.

Print Quality -

Print quality also gets reduced by lowering the resolution which results in faster printing. To reduce resolution, have a look at these points -

  • Go to the File menu and then tap on Printer Setup.
  • Tap on the Options button that is next to printer window.
  • Next, move to print quality option and click on the Finishing tab. Then choose an option other than “Best quality”.

  • In the Printer Setup window, just tap on OK button.

Number of Fonts -

If too many fonts are included then the printer can print slowly. To enhance Epson printer printing speed, just customize the fonts and if possible include only one or two fonts.

Font settings -

  • Navigate to the File menu and then tap on Printer Setup.
  • Next, tap on Options button that is next to printer window.
  • Move to finishing tab, just tap the Details button.
  • Under Font Settings, just clear the option “Send TrueType” checkbox.

  • Move to Properties window and then tap on OK button.
  • Under Printer Setup window, just tap on OK button.

If you need further assistance on Epson printer printing very slowly settings then contact professionals and get appropriate solutions.


Epson Printer Slow Printing Problem – Increase Printing Speed

Epson printers are very promising when it comes to printing but are you still facing an “Epson Printer slow printing problem”… Here are a few simple fixes that you must try doing yourself before calling the Epson Printer Service Assurance Team that will probably help you fix the “Epson Printer slow printing problem”.

1 - Clearing out the Stalled Epson Printing Jobs  

Step 1 - You can simply begin by giving a right-click on the Windows button followed by selecting the Control Panel.

Step 2 - Thereafter, go on to click on “Hardware and Sound” and then on “Devices and Printers”.

Step 3 - Now right-click on your specific Epson printer and click on “See what’s printing”.

Step 4 - Next, you just have to give a right-click on the stalled Epson printing jobs followed by canceling the same by selecting the “Cancel” option and further giving confirmation by clicking on “Yes”.

2 - Reviewing Printer Preferences  

Step 1 - Initially click on the “Start” menu followed by selecting “Printers and Scanners”.

Step 2 - In this step, you will have to right-click on the icon of your specific Epson printer followed by selecting “Printing Preferences”.

Step 3 - Consequently, the “Printing Preferences” dialog box will get opened wherein you can scrutinize different print settings which will help you fix the “Epson Printer slow printing problem”.

3 - Turning Off “Quiet Mode” on your Epson Printer may also Help

Step 1 - To begin, just press the “Home” button followed by selecting the “Setup” option using the “Arrow Keys”.

Step 2 - Thereafter, just press the “OK” button followed by selecting “Printer Setup” and again pressing the “OK” button.

Step 3 - Now, select “Quiet Mode” and press the “OK” button further.

Step 4 - Using the “Arrow Keys” just go to and press the “OFF” option and then exit from the panel by pressing the “Home” button.

4 - Updating Your Epson Printer’s Drivers

When you are venturing out to fix the “Epson Printer slow printing problem” you will have to update the Epson printer drivers for a better printing experience which you can get accomplished in the following way.

Step 1 - First, you will have to open the “Control Panel” followed by clicking on the “Hardware and Sound” option.

Step 2 - Now prefer clicking on “Device Manager” followed by finding and right-clicking on the Epson Printer to finally click on the “Update Driver” option.

Step 3 - At this stage, it becomes preferable to choose the “Search automatically for drivers” option if you haven’t got the latest driver ready. Alternatively, you may also download and install in the usual manner the latest drivers from Epson’s official website.

5 - Re-installing Epson Printer’s Drivers

In this particular of fixing the “Epson Printer slow printing problem”, you must first uninstall the current printer driver followed by downloading the latest set of printer drivers for your Epson printer.

Subsequently, you must install the latest driver downloaded from the official website of Epson. Alternatively, you may use the Epson CD-ROM to re-install the driver and then later update the same in accordance with the procedure mentioned in step 4 above.

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Why is My Epson Printer Printing So Slowly?

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