How to Fix Slow Printing Process in Brother Printer?

Hello, Please let me that how to fix slow printing process in Brother printer. When i am trying to print with my Bother printer then it's printing so slow. I have no idea about it. Why it's happening. Help me.

Fix Brother Printer Slow Printing Issue:

The company sells its products under original equipment manufacturer agreements as well as its own name. Brother printers are one of the finest printer products available in the market today. However, several users have launched a complaint regarding Brother printer slow receiving data.

Stated Below are Some of the Things That You can Do to Improve the Print Speed of Your Brother Printer:

1) Turn Off the Quite Mode

Your Brother printer’s printing speed gets affected if the Quite Mode is enabled. This mode is turned off by default but there is a chance that you may have turned it on and then you forgot to disable it.

Carry out the following steps to turn off the Quite Mode.

  • First of all, you need to ensure that your printer machine is connected to a power source. Also, check that the front cover is closed.
  • Turn on your printer and wait for it to reach Ready Mode.
  • Navigate to the General Setup by using Up and Down keys. After that, press OK.
  • Go to the Quite Mode and then select OK.
  • Now, disable Quiet Mode and then again press OK.

2) Reinstall Brother Print Driver

A wrong installation of print drivers can also cause your Brother printer to work slowly. To speed up the printing process, uninstall the current print driver along with its supported packages and utilities and then reinstall the print driver.

3) Check Print Resolution

Carefully check the print resolution. There is a direct relation between print speed and resolution of a print job. Higher the print resolution, the longer will be the time taken by the document to get printed. To increase the print speed, change the resolution of the print job.

4) High Internet Speed

In case you are using a wireless printer, then you need to ensure that it is connected to a network with fast internet speed. To fix slow printing process in brother printer, keep your printer close to the wireless router or connect your printer to the router by using an ethernet cable.

5) Check USB Wire

Check that the USB wire that you are using for connecting your printer to the computer system is not damaged. In case the USB cable is damaged, then replace it.

6) Use Original Brother Ink Cartridges

You may experience Brother printer slow to print speed issues because of using duplicate ink cartridges. It is always recommended to use original ink cartridges and refills. Use of local ink supplies can damage your printer device and can also cause the problem of slow printing.

There are several factors that can cause the print process to work slowly, such as the use of local ink cartridges, slow internet connection, high print resolution, wrong configuration of print drivers. By applying the remedies stated above, you can fix slow printing process in Brother printer.

Brother is a Japan-based electrical equipment company that has its headquarters located in Nagoya, Japan. The company manufactures a variety of products such as industrial sewing machines, desktop computers, printers, fax machines, label printer, and typewriter.


Brother Printer Very Slow Receiving Data:

Receiving quick printouts in your office is a must but if your Brother printer very slowly receiving data from your computer then it could lead to an unexpected delay in receiving those printouts.

Ideally, the issue of Brother Printer very slowly receiving data may primarily be attributable to an array of reasons ranging from incorrect paper settings to the defective Brother Printer driver which can easily be fixed by referring to some simple methods enshrined in this quick user guide that indeed warrants your quick glance.

1 - Scrutinizing the Cables Connecting your Brother Printer

Brother very distinctly advocates the usage of IEEE 1284-compliant Parallel Cable that can be 6 feet in length. You may also use an A/B USB cable to connect your Brother Printer to your computer’s port. While using Parallel or USB cables you must ensure that the cables don’t have any loose ends and that they fit properly into Splitters, Hubs, Extensions, or relevant computer ports.

Cautionary Note for Local Users: For ascertaining whether these cables are fit and proper you can disconnect the same from Pass-Through Devices like Hubs or Splitters and must try connecting your Brother Printer with the computer using these cables directly.

If the Brother functions well and is not suffering from the issue of the Brother Printer very slowly receiving data then the connecting cables are OK ultimately making sense that the Pass-Through devices may be dysfunctional or damaged.

Cautionary Note for Network Users: You may resort to temporarily disabling the Firewall which may have worsened the printing speed.

2 - Executing the Power Cycle on your Brother Printing Machine

In a bid to fix the Brother Printer very slowly receiving data issue, you must turn off your Brother Printer and disconnect the Power cables from both ends. And, after waiting for a few minutes you must restart your Brother Printer after connecting all the cables to relevant jacks and ports.

3 - Ensuring that the Updated Brother Printer Driver is Listed and Configured

Another way of fixing the Brother Printer very slowly receiving data is to make sure that the appropriate Brother Driver is configured and the same is updated.

To verify the Brother Printer driver’s sanctity just go following the steps mentioned underneath.

Step 1 - You should begin by opening the Printers Folder followed by accessing the Printer’s Properties.

Step 2 - Once you have accessed Printer’s Properties you must now click on the “Advanced” tab well succeeded by checking the relevant Brother Printer driver listed therein.

Step 3 - If you are able to see the appropriate driver then you should opt to follow the other methods in order to fix the Brother Printer very slowly receiving data as there won’t be any driver-related issues.

Step 4 - And, if you don’t find your specific Brother Printer driver in the given list then you should search for and must select your specific Brother Printer driver to make it appear in the list of chosen drivers.

4 - Make Sure that Appropriate Paper Type and Print Quality Settings are in Place

By confirming that the correct Paper Type is selected along with desired Print Quality you can fix the issue of Brother Printer very slowly receiving data.

The same can be done in the following way.

Step 1 - First, you should open the printing dialog box and must go selecting the Printing Preferences option.

Step 2 - Thereafter, after clicking the “Basic” tab you can adjust or verify the correct “Paper Type”.

Step 3 - In this final step you must check the “Print Quality” either by clicking on the “Basic” or “Advanced” tab followed by clicking on “Apply” and then on the “OK” button.

5 - Try Printing Another Document from your Brother Printer

Sometimes because of document-specific complexities, the original Brother printing application may suffer from the issue of Brother Printer very slowly receiving data which makes a good case for you to try printing another document from the original Brother printing application.

If the printing speed gets improved on changing the document then the issue of your Brother Printer very slowly receiving data was not because of your Brother Printer but rather owing to the bulky nature of the document that you were trying to print earlier.

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How to Fix Slow Printing Process in Brother Printer?

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