How to Fix a Slow Printer on Windows?

Please let me know how to fix a slow printer on Windows. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.

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Fix a Slow Printer on Windows:

You may be using your high-performing printer quite often but you must have definitely come across the issue of slow printer on Windows on some rare occasions. This quick guide is available with a range of solutions that will help you fix slow printer on Windows issues anytime.

Restarting the Printer is the Foremost Remedy 

Whenever you are up fixing the slow printer on Windows issue what you must do is to switch off your printer and should also plug out all the cables connecting your computer and the printer.

Thereafter, you must wait for a couple of minutes at least and try to extract the printout after restarting your printer. If you finally get the printout then the issue of slow printer on Windows will stand resolved.

Tweaking the Print Quality Settings is Another Option  

It is commonly observed high-quality printing paves the way for the slow speed of printers and thus causes slow printer on Windows issues. To fix this up all you need is to perform the series of steps shared below that will eventually take care of any slow speed issue.

Step 1 - Begin by opening the Start Menu and then click the gear-resembling icon to launch the settings panel.

Step 2 - Continue by navigating to the “Bluetooth & Devices” section followed by clicking the “Printers & Scanners” segment.

Step 3 - Now choose to select your specific printer from the given list and click on the “Printers Preferences” option.

Step 4 - Click the “Quality” tab, and choose the preferred quality and hit the OK button to save the settings.

Step 5 - Now try again to take the desired printout which will confirm whether the issue of “slow printer on Windows” has been resolved or not.

Disabling the Quiet Mode can also Work

Many a time printers run on quiet mode which may possibly cause the slow printer on Windows issue. This situation calls for fixing this pertinent issue for which all you just need is to act in accordance with what the user manual suggests in this regard or you can also opt to navigate the settings section to find and activate the disabling quiet mode option.

Clearing the Printing Queue and Pending Printing Jobs can also be Tried

In a bid to fix the “Slow printer on Windows” issue you must attempt to clear the printing queue along with deleting all pending printing jobs. For this, you must check for all pending printing jobs by simply clicking the specific printer model once you are already in the “Printers and Scanners” section within the Control Panel.

Updating Printer Drivers Happens to be Another Feasible Solution

In the endeavor to fix the slow printer on Windows issue, you must also look into the issue of updating the specific printer driver. In this context, it is worth noteworthy that you must first uninstall the existing drivers and try to download and install the latest version of the printer driver that may eventually serve as a panacea for the slow printer on Windows problem.

Removing and Adding Back Your Printer can also be Resorted

Another very effective remedy to fix the slow printer on Windows issue is probably the action of removing your printer and then adding it back again onto the available list of printers using the Control Panel.

So, to get this done you must first remove the given printer by right-clicking on the same and choosing the “Remove” option followed by running the add printer wizard by entering the IP address or the Hostname going forward.

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