Printer Printing Slow Over Network

I have one of the wireless Kodak laser printer which I bought over an year ago. It used to work perfectly fine until last week when I have to change my Internet service provider and the whole router and wifi was changed. Since the change my Kodak printer has become printing slow over the network, it takes ages to print over the network. i do not really know the reason for it since router is new and working perfectly fine. Can anyone here tell me how to fix this issue?

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Printer Printing Slow Over Network -

If your printer printing slow over network then it might be possible that print spooler is experiencing technical errors. Because only print spooler service manages all print jobs that are sent from printer to system.

At various times, when a print spooler job gets stuck in the spooler then definitely print jobs will proceed slowly. Although there is no need to get worried if your printer is printing too slow as you can speed up your print spooler from various ways i.e., restart the print spooler and flush outstruck jobs.

What Causes Slow Network Printing -

  1. Print server overload causes slow network printing as there is a single point through which all print jobs are sent and processed.
  2. Print servers in remote offices cause heavy network traffic because there is a central print server through which all office printers are networked.
  3. Terminal servers also cause slow network printing because the application in the terminal server can be in a different location than the person and printer.

Solutions to Eliminate Slow Network Printing -

Flush out stuck print jobs -

  • Open Run by pressing Windows + R keys simultaneously.

  • In the Run box, type “printers” and hit the OK button.

  • To check all current jobs in the queue, press right-click on your printer and then tap on the option “See what is printing”.

  • Choose the printer's menu and then delete all current print jobs by clicking on “Cancel all documents”.

  • If you want to delete a particular print job then press right-click on that print job and then click “Cancel”.
  • Now, go to the status column stalled print job will display an error message. Once a stalled job gets cleared, your printer will print appropriately.

Restart Print Spooler -

  • Press Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box. Once it gets open, type “services.msc” to open a list of currently running services on your system.

  • In the next step, press a right-click on “Print Spooler” and then choose the “Restart” option. This process will take a few moments as stalled print jobs will get cleared and print spooler will restart in a fresh way.

  • Whenever you experience any problem in the print queue then you should restart the print spooler. When your system boots the print spooler will restart and this process will clear away all stalled print jobs.

Note: If a print job does not delete then turn off your system for a couple of minutes and erase the print jobs when your printer is off. When all print jobs get cleared, restart your printer.

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