Canon Printer Not Printing Photos from Camera?

I am using Canon MX700 printer for several years and it was working flawlessly. Yesterday, I was trying to print some old pictures from my digital camera (Creative PC-CAM 350) but my Canon printer refuse to print them. In fact, my Canon printer is printing those photos that are stored on my computer but not printing photos from the camera. I am wondering what problem arises with my printer? Please suggest me something so that I can print photos from the camera.

  • Fahad
  • 1 Answer
  • February 13, 2024
Answer - 1

Check these measures if your Canon printer does not print Camera photos -

  • Match your Camera to Canon printer 

    In some cameras, specific software is needed so that users can print directly. On the other hand, there are also certain models of printers that help you to print directly. You have to check your camera guide to determine what kind of limitations you camera has when you use it for direct printing.
  • Use PictBridge 

    PictBridge is a software that is built into some cameras and used for printing directly from the camera. By using this software package, you can easily adjust the size and also the number of copies. If PictBridge is already built-in your camera then it will automatically display on the LCD whenever you connect the camera to your Canon printer.
  • Start with the Camera off 

    Before connecting your camera to Canon printer, first power down your camera. After this take a USB cable for connecting camera to Canon printer and then turn on your camera. If you are connecting your camera to the printer via USB cable then it will work best for you as compared to the USB hub.
  • Keep AC adapter handy 

    If AC adapter is available for your camera then you can run the camera from the wall outlet instead of the battery. But due to any reason, if you are printing from a battery then make sure the battery is fully charged. If you are printing directly from the camera then it can drain the camera battery and this can affect your printing.
  •   Darin
  •   December 2, 2020