How to Connect a Printer to Alexa?

Please let me know how to connect a printer to Alexa. I am trying to connect it. But it's not connecting. Help me.

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If you wish to connect your printer to an Alexa device, then you have come to the right place. Here, you will learn how to print documents through voice commands. 

How to Connect Your Printer to Alexa-

Before we move on with the steps to connect your printer to Alexa, you must first connect your printer to the home Wi-Fi network. In order to run your wireless printer, you are required to perform a step-by-step guide to printing wirelessly. 

Not every wireless printer can work with Alexa but a lot of printers do. The process of connecting Alexa to the wireless printer is very quick. You should also try and check if your printer works with Alexa. You should also confirm with Amazon and confirm that your printer works with Alexa.

When your wireless printer and Alexa are connected to the same network, you are ready to connect your printer to Alexa. The best part is that this process is only going to take a few seconds.

Below is the Step-by-step Guide that You Need to Perform to Connect Your Printer to Alexa. 

Step 1: Please ensure that your printer is turned on before you start with the process. There are some wireless printers that completely power off or hibernate. They disconnected from Wi-Fi when they are not in use. Your printer must be turned on and connected to the internet. 

Step 2: The best way to connect Alexa to the printer is to say "Alexa discover my printer". Alexa is going to take a while to search for your printer. Then, it will prompt to you once it discovers a printer. 

Step 3: After you are done pairing, your printer device will get connected to Alexa. After that, you can ask Alexa to print different items for you.  This includes recipes, to-do lists, and shopping lists. Amazon has a complete list of Alexa's printer commands on its website. 

Step 4: There is a dedicated Alexa skill that offers additional functionality for your printer. However, this functionality may differ depending on the printer you are using. Apart from that, features depend on the brand of your printer. 

Step 5: Different printer devices have different settings that may interfere with Alexa connecting to a printer. Therefore, based on your personal setup, you may need to change one or two printer settings.

If you have any queries regarding printer settings, then you can ask that by going to Amazon's printer setting FAQ page. It has all the information about the printer settings that you want to use. 

What can Alexa Print? 

Alexa can print a great variety of material but the most important stuff to print is Alexa's own content like your to-do list and your Amazon shopping list. Printable content such as coloring pages and crossword puzzles isn't easy to print with Alexa. It is a lot easier to select a coloring page or crossword puzzle and print it manually. 

A lot of the printable content of Alexa comes from third parties. The most important use of Alexa's printing feature is printing recipes. Amazon has entered into partnerships with companies such as Allrecipes to provide printable content using Alexa skills.

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