How to Connect HP Laserjet Printer to WiFi?

Hello, Please let me know that how to connect hp laserjet printer to wifi. I am facing issue while connecting to wifi. Help me.

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Answer - 1

Connect HP Laserjet Printer to WiFi:

Are you interested in knowing how to connect HP laserjet printer to WIFI network, then you have made the right decision by opening up this link.

Here, you will not only learn how to setup your HP printer on a wireless network but you will also get to know how to download the printer driver by going to the main website of HP. Choose wireless as the connection type when asked at the time of installation.

Step 1: Software Installation

There are two different ways that you can adopt to install the software on your system that is either by downloading it from the HP website or through an installation disc. Read out both the ways to choose the method that you want to use for installation.

CD: Using an installation disc for the installation purpose is very simple and easy and it does not require you to go through a lengthy procedure. However, the CD you use may not have the latest software even if you are using a new printer.

Download: Another way is to go to the main website of HP and download the latest printer software. This is a longer procedure in comparison to software installation using a disc. However, it helps in avoiding installation related issues.

Step 2: Gather Necessary Requisites before Installation

Prior to getting started with the software installation and connecting your printer device to the wireless network, you first need to make sure that you have all the necessary things for setting up your wireless network.

a) The items that you need to gather up are as follows.

  • Network name: SSID name
  • A PC connected to your Wi-Fi
  • Access to the internet
  • A wireless capable printer
  • A USB wire

b) Please ensure that your computer, router and printer are powered on and your PC is on the same wireless network to which your HP Laserjet printer is connected.

c) Set up your printer device, install cartridges and load the stack of paper in the input tray. In order to get further information, you need to visit the support page of HP. Also, you need to select First Time Printer Setup and then select enter and then choose the documents from the list appearing before you.

d) Disconnect Ethernet or USB wires from your printer device.

Step 3: Connect Your HP Printer Device to the Wireless Network

Use Wi-Fi protected setup for connecting your printer device so that installer can look for the printer at the time of installation. Take a look at your router manual and check if it supports WPS connection. In case your access point does not support WPS connection type, then go to the next step for downloading and installing the driver.

In case your router device supports WPS, then these are the steps that you need to carry out.

  • Go to the control panel of your printer and hold the button of Wi-Fi.
  • Leave the button and then you will see Wi-Fi light flashing.
  • After 2 minutes, press the WPS button on your router and then immediately release it.
  • Wait for some time so that the connection gets established between your router and printer.

Once your printer device gets connected to the network, the wireless light will turn n and then it will become steady.

Step 4: Download the HP Printer Driver and then Install It

Download the latest version of printer driver by going to the HP website. If the Auto Wireless Connect screen shows up before you at the time of installation, use it for completing the wireless setup. Alternatively, you can follow the steps given in the installation software for completing the setup process.

Step 1 : Remove the USB wire from the rear of your printer.

Step 2 : Visit and then select the option of Download and then give the command to run HP Easy Start.

Step 3 : When it asks you to choose your printer and then choose the option of My Printer Is Not Shown.

Step 4 : A printer not found screen will open up before you.

Step 5 : Select Continue and then choose the option of Wireless Network.

Step 6 : Select the option of Continue and then carry out the commands appearing on the screen for setting up your printer device on a wireless network.

In case you fail to complete the download, then go to the HP support website and then select the link of HP Customer Support- Software and driver downloads. Select the printer and then enter the model number and then finally select Submit. Also, you need to confirm that the version of Windows that you are using is correct.

Below the heading of Driver product software installation, select the option of download for downloading the complete software package. If you are looking for other driver options, then select Basic Drivers.

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