How to Connect HP Printer to Wifi Direct?

Please let me know how to connect HP printer to Wifi direct. I am facing some issues while tring to connect it. Help me.

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Connect HP Printer to Wifi Direct:

Without having to Connect HP Printer to Wifi Direct, you could now enjoy direct wireless communication with that as well due to HP Wi-Fi Direct. You may easily print documents and photographs of any Wi-Fi-enabled device, including laptops and mobile phones, by turning on HP wireless directly on the printer.

In addition to following the simple instructions to link an HP printer to Wi-Fi Direct, you may also contact the HP tech assistants, who are always happy to guide you.

The following techniques are available to install printer drivers on your computer in order to Connect HP Printer to Wifi Direct. 

The Product CD Includes:

Insert the CD that came with the printer following connecting your computer to the printer's HP wireless direct signal. You would be requested to choose a network connection throughout installation; you must accept the wireless choice.

On the printer's control panel, click the HP Wireless Direct icon. You can navigate the network configuration as an alternative. You can easily touch the wireless direct button in the wireless settings menu. Simply switch on the connection after that.

Step 1: When connecting to the printer, you will be given a password; write it down and then click OK.

Step 2: Your computer as well as the laptop's wireless icon should now be selected. From the list of networks, select the name of the HP printer model.

Step 3: Whenever prompted, input the security password.

Step 4: Wait for the setup to begin after inserting the CD into the computer.

Step 5: To finish installing the driver, select the wireless connection option as well as the name of your printer.

Step 6: Once the installation is finished, reconnect your computer to a regular wireless network.

From the HP Website, You can Alternatively Follow These Instructions to Link an HP Printer to Wi-Fi Direct:

  • Switch on your printer.
  • Make absolutely sure the USB cord is unplugged from the printer. If you really are asked to link the cable during software setup process, you can do so.
  • Navigate to the HP printer driver downloading site's Driver as well as Software Downloads section.
  • Select the model number of your printer, then click "Submit."
  • The default operating system will be shown on a page that will open.
  • Select Change and choose your edition if you need to update the version of windows.
  • To download the entire software program, select Download from the driver category.
  • On your computer, save the printer software in an area that is simple to find.
  • Verify the network configuration from the printer control panel or tap the HP Wireless Direct icon.
  • The link can also be activated by selecting the wireless direct within the wireless options menu.
  • On your computer, click the wireless icon, just choose the name of the HP printer.
  • The printer control panel will require you to enter the security password.
  • The installation will start after you open or run the HP file you uploaded.
  • To finish the installation procedure, you will be prompted to select your chosen wireless connection choice as well as the printer's name.
  • You must reconnect the computer to your wireless network after installation is completed.
  • You can proceed now that you are familiar with the procedures for connecting an HP printer to Wi-Fi Direct.

You can proceed now that you will be familiar with the procedures for connecting an HP printer to Wi-Fi Direct.

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