How To Connect Hp Envy Pro 6452 Printer To Wifi?

Is there anyone who knows about how to connect HP Envy Pro 6452 printer to Wifi. I am facing some issues while connecting it to wifi. Help me.

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Answer - 1

Connect Hp Envy Pro 6452 Printer To Wifi: 

HP printers are amongst the best and the most efficient ones available in the market. The HP Envy Pro series is an all-in-one printer series where you can scan, print, and copy at the ease of your home. It has got additional features like a 35-page auto document feeder.

And the cherry on top is its wifi connectivity. You can Connect Hp Envy Pro 6452 Printer To Wifi and to any other device through the Bluetooth connectivity option available. 

The printer is best for offices, retail shops, and household that has extensive usage of printers. To Connect Hp Envy Pro 6452 Printer To Wifi you can follow any of the following 3 methods. 

But before getting on to the methods make sure you check the following;

  • The printer setup must be installed completely. 
  • The paper feeder should have enough blank sheets to take out prints. 
  • Both colored and black cartridges must be filled
  • Check for HP Envy Pro 6452 file in the drive folder. In case you do not have it make sure you download it before connecting it to the wifi. 
  • Connect your laptop/computer to the same wifi network as the one where you want to connect your printer. 
  • After making these checks, let’s get your printer connected to the wifi

1. Connect HP Envy PRO 6452 to WiFi Through WPS Button: 

If you have wireless that supports the WPS option, try this method. Find the WPS button on your printer. Press and hold the WPS and Power buttons together for exact 3 seconds.  

After doing so, repeat the same process with your wifi router and hold the buttons down for 3 to 5 seconds. 

Once the wifi and printer are connected the light will turn solid and that’s when your printer will be connected to the wifi. 

Get a test print to check if everything is up and working. 

2. Connect HP Envy 6452 to WiFi Through HP Smart Mobile App: 

You can even Connect Hp Envy Pro 6452 Printer To Wifi with your mobile. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Android user or an ios user, the steps are the same for both. 
On your device, download the HP Smart App.

Switch on your Bluetooth and press the wireless button on your printer and hold it down for 3 seconds. Launch the HP Smart App and tap the plus sign to add your printer. 

A list of devices will appear,  select HP Envy Pro 6452 from it. Get going with the prompts and your printer will be connected in no time. 

3. Through Windows App:

Firstly connect your computer to the wifi network. Head to the Microsoft store and download the HP Smart App.  Launch the app and add your printer by clicking on the plus sign visible on the screen.

Click on the continue button and enter your wireless network’s password when asked. 

Once the printer is connected to the network, exit the setup. 

These are some easy methods to Connect the Hp Envy Pro 6452 Printer To Wifi irrespective of the device you are using.

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