How Can I Solve Canon IRD-500 Printer Problem?

Our office has a Canon IRD-500 printer. There are 20 users at the office. Scanning 18 users works but does not work on 2 users. All users using windows 10. I type the user information in the Scan and Fax section and the printer finds the name of the computer, but can not find the sharing folder.

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Solution for Canon IRD-500 Printer Problem

If your Canon IRD-500 Printer is showing up a certain kind of error, then here are some of the solutions that you can adopt to get rid of the error messages that shows up on the touch panel display because of paper jams or some other reasons.

Clearing Paper Jams

Canon IRD-500 Printer problem can be because of paper jams. If a paper jam happens and a screen indicates that the paper is in a jam location, then this is how you can deal with the jam problem. You have to carefully follow the instructions appearing on the screen. The screen repeatedly shows up the paper jam until it gets cleared. Press the close button. You can move ahead with performing the operations such as scanning originals or setting modes even though the jamming issue has not been completely resolved.

Important Points

  • If the paper is jammed in different locations of your Canon IRD-500 printer, then you must remove the jams by following the order that is shown in the touch panel display.
  • Once, the paper jams are properly cleared, the printing machine starts calculating the number of copies to be printed. There is no need for you to enter the number of copies again that you want to print. If you are printing in different sets, then also you don’t need to enter the number of copies again.
  • In case, the paper jam issue occurs in the feeder, then you can continue to perform your operations.
  • There is a chance that some sections that display paper jam may not actually have them. Nevertheless,it is important for you to check all the locations shown on the display panel in the given order.
  • Once all the paper jams are cleared from your Canon IRD-500 printer, please ensure that the covers are back in the positions where they are supposed to be. When the jammed paper is taken out, printing starts again.

Clearing Staple Jams

If the staple jam happens in your Canon IRD-500 printer, then the screen will show the staple jam and it will show the procedure of how to clear staple jam on the screen. The steps given below are the ones that you have to follow to clear staple jams.

Please Ensure that the Paper Drawers and Covers of the Canon IRD-500 Printer is Closed Prior to Removing Staple Jams.

Step 1: Take out the staple case.

Step 2: Turn it in the upside down position and bring the metal part in the downwards direction on case’s front side.

Step 3: Slide the row that has jammed staples and then take them out.

Step 4: Put the staple case’s metal part back to the position from where you removed it. Also, ensure that the metals part clicks when it goes back to its place.

Step 5: Put the case back in its original position which is the stapler unit. Again, ensure that the staple clicks when it goes back to its place.

Step 6: Close the finisher front cover and lower the panel of control.

So, these are some of the steps that you need to follow in order to solve the Canon IRD-500 Printer problem.

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