How do I Connect My Canon Pixma TS6120 Printer to WiFi?

Hello, Please tell me about how do i connect my Canon Pixma ts6120 printer to wifi. I am not able to connect this canon pixma ts6120 to WiFi. Please help me.

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Answer - 1

Connect Canon TS6120 Printer to WiFi:

If you wish to use your canon pixma ts6120 printer for printing or scanning wirelessly on a windows computer, then you need to ensure that your printer is connected to the Wi-Fi and necessary applications and drivers are installed on your computer system. The instructions given below has the necessary steps that one needs to follow to connect my Canon ts6120 printer to WiFi.

The Setup Procedure is Divided into Two Parts:

  • Easy wireless connection on your printer
  • Download and then run the setup file for installing the drivers and software

Begin with Easy Wireless Connect on Canon ts6120 Printer-

Before you start with setting up the tab device, smartphone, or computer system. Begin with the easy wireless connect on your printer. After that, you can start completing the setup procedure on your device or computer system.

To Perform the Procedure of the Easy Wireless These are the Simple Steps that one Needs to Follow.

Step 1 : First of all, you need to ensure that your printer is turned on. If it is turned on, them the power lamp is going to light up.

Step 2 : In case your printer is performing the process of printhead alignment, cleaning, or some other process, then in that case you must wait for that process to get completed.

Step 3 : Press the button of home on your printer. In case the screen displays any error, then click on Ok and then press the home button.

Step 4 : After tha to connect my Canon ts6120 printer to WiF it, you must tap on the wireless settings.

Step 5 : Then, you have to tap on the local area network settings and after that you need to tap on wireless local area network settings. Then, you need to select easy wireless connect.

Step 6 : Now, in the end you need to tap on yes. Once the preparation of the printer gets completed, then a screen will be displayed in front of you. Go back to the setup application screen and move forward with the setup procedure.

Step 7 : After that to connect Canon ts6120 printer to WiFi, you need to download and run your setup file. Carefully read all the instructions regarding how to run your setup file in case the setup does not begin automatically. After that, click on the button of download.

Setup Procedure can be Performed by Using CD-ROM:

Step 1 : Click on start setup

Step 2 : Choose the appropriate region and then select next.

Step 3 : After that to connect my canon ts6120 printer to WiFi, you need to choose yes on the license agreement.

Step 4 : A survey will appear in front of you. There you have to either select agree or do not agree.

Step 5 : Click on Next and then go to the connection method and select yes.

Step 6 : After this to connect my canon pixma ts6120 printer to Wi-Fi, the setup procedure is going to continue. If the screen of wireless router appears below, then click on it. Click on wireless router for connecting it to the printer. Then you need to enter the password and then click on next.

Step 7 : Select wireless router screen will appear depending on its network settings and usage of the router.

Step 8 : After that, the setup information will appear in front of you.

Step 9 : Once the network connection is established, then you must click on next.

Step 10 : Test print and head alignment screen will appear after that. In order to perform the head alignment or test print, you need to follow the instructions appearing on the screen.

Step 11: Once the setup gets completed, you need to click on Next.

Step 12 : After that connect my canon pixma ts6120 printer to Wi-Fi, you must choose the optional application software. Click on Next.

Step 13 : Then, click on skip or next.

Step 14 : Now, click on exit.

So, these are some of the steps that one needs to follow to connect my canon pixma ts6120 printer to Wi-Fi.

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