How do I Fix an Canon Printer Paper Jam Problem?

Hello, Please tell me about How do I fix an Canon printer paper jam problem while printing. Whenever i am trying to print with Canon printer they jam the paper every time.

Fix Canon Printer Paper Jam Error:

It can be very frustrating and expensive to maintain a Canon printer in the workplace or at home. There are a number of error messages that pop up and they always appear during inconvenient moments. There are several printer models, which have LCD monitors.

These monitors can help you know the issues, which appear. Although there are certain printer models, which do not come along with the monitors. Generally, people don’t read the manuals that come together with the printer, which is why they don’t know anything about the blinking light errors.

Paper jam is a very common problem in Canon inkjet printer.

Mentioned Below are the Instructions That You Need to Follow to Fix a Canon Printer Paper Jam Error.

Step 1: If you want to keep away from the electric shock, then you must remove the power cord from the back of your Canon printer. Disconnecting your printer from the power source is a very important step, particularly when you are working with an electronic device.

Step 2: Go to your printer’s back access panel and unhinge it. The door is located at the back of the printer.

Step 3: To fix a Canon printer paper jam error, carefully look at the back panel and see if there is any paper jammed in there. Take out all the papers or sheets that are jammed in the printer.

Step 4: Close the panel of back access and ensure that it goes into the place where it was before you opened it up.

Step 5: To fix a Canon printer paper jam problem, locate the top or front access panel. You need to lift this front access panel for changing the ink cartridges. Check if there is any paper jammed in the area where the ink cartridges are placed.

For checking any canon printer paper jammed in that area, you have to first disconnect the printer from the power source.

Step 6: Take out any paper that is jammed in there to fix a Canon Printer paper jam problem. If you will pull out the paper from the front side, then you will feel resistance. You need to pull out the paper very slowly or else it will rip apart.

A torn paper can cause more problem than a sheet stuck in the printer.

Step 7: Shut access panel that is in the front. Please ensure that it latches back in the correct place. It must look exactly like it used to before you opened the access panel.

Step 8: Connect the power wire of your printer to the wall outlet and try to print using your Canon printer again. If your printer starts printing again, then that means the paper jam has been removed successfully.

So, this is what you need to do to fix a Canon printer paper jam problem.


How do I Fix an Canon Printer Paper Jam Problem?

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