How do I Get My Canon Printer Online on a Mac?

Hi, I have bought a Canon printer, it's working good but now i am trying to Canon printer online on a Mac. So how may i connect it to Mac. Please give any idea.

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Answer - 1

Get Canon Printer Online on a Mac

When your printer and PC are not connected but the printer is available on the network of your company or gets attached to your Mac physically, then there are certain troubleshooting steps that you can bring into action to discover Canon printer online on a Mac. Make sure, the connection is re-established with your computer system and it has been verified that you have installed the printer drivers in the right manner.

After that, you can begin with printing documents and customer invoices for creating notices for the employees and business meetings. If you wish to get your Canon printer online on a Mac, then you must begin with the basic sequence of troubleshooting. Check after every step whether the printer is coming online or not. In case the troubleshooting process does not work for you, then in such a case you can try resetting your printer.

Basic Troubleshooting Procedure

Mentioned below is the basic procedure for troubleshooting, then one can follow to bring Canon printer online on a Mac.

Step 1: Firstly, check all the wired connections on your computer and the printer based on the method chosen for connecting to the printer. Please ensure that the printer is turned on and wires are not loose.

Step 2: Then, take a look at the printer tray and check if there are any paper jams. Please, make sure that there is enough paper in the printer and it is aligned in a proper manner. In case you get an alert message that there is very less ink in the printer, then you can move ahead with replacing the cartridges.

Step 3: After that, to get Canon printer online on a Mac, update the software by going to the Apple menu for installation of the updates that are available.

Step 4: Now, go to the Apple menu and click on the option of Restart that is given in the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Then, go to the dock and hit on system preferences and then click on “Print and scan”. After that, from the list of printers that appears in front of you choose the printer that has a yellow light appearing right after its name. Now, select the option of resume.

Step 6: Now, on your Mac system, open the document that you require and print it by giving the command of Ctrl-P. After that, choose the printer by clicking on the button of “Change”. Then, hit “Print”. After following this procedure you can get Canon printer online on a Mac.

Reset Canon Printer:

  • First of all, choose the option of system preferences that are given in the drop-down menu.
  • Now, click on the option of “Print and Scan”.
  • Click on the list of printers and press the Ctrl key. Then, choose the reset printing system.
  • Now, click on the button of + and choose the printer in case it appears. If it does not appear, then select “Add printer or scanner”.
  • Then, choose the printer from the list and then hit “Add”. Now, wait for some time, so that printer gets downloaded and installed. After that, you can start using the printer once again.

So, these are the two different procedures that you can follow if you wish to get Canon printer online on Mac.

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Answer - 2

Getting Canon Printer Online on a Mac :

A Printer cannot execute printing unless connected to the system, print out can only be executed if the system shows printers connected. Mac Os can not continue with print command if the printer is offline, but it may be more unfortunate if it is connected and still showing offline. All we need is some troubleshooting so that we can get back to our printing task and get required output.

Let us understand steps to get Canon printer online on a Mac operating system.

Basic Printer Setup:

It is the most basic part when troubleshooting, as it might not only be the software issue. It could be loosening of ports, printer plug-in socket or other hardware reasons. Follow the steps below for printer setup on Mac Os.

Step 1: Click on Apple icon and select system preference.

Step 2: Go to hardware category in system preference and select “Print and scan icon”.

Step 3: Click on plus sign and add the printer and continue to add machine ip address as shown below, followed by selecting added printer.

Step 4: Select printer software.

Step 5: You can find printer is added in your system and ready to print.

Checking Updates:

  • Apple store Go to apple menu and choose software update and install all updates that might be obstructing your print feature.
  • Go to printer site for software update for canon, you can visit canon website and update can be installed from there.

Deleting or Complete Reset of Printer System:

This is done when you see no updates available and the still issue persists.

  1. Go to apple icon and print and scan icon as explained above and select the printer you have installed already.

2. Click on the printer and select minus button from the bottom (-), it will delete the printer from the queue but not the software installed.

3. Add the printer back by clicking on the plus + sign and you will see default software installed and the printer will be added back to your queue.

4. Another option is resetting printer setting, it will delete software installed in the system.

This will delete all your printing queues pending and all printing jobs and would help you to sort out printing issues

5. Tap on the plus button as explained above and add the printer, wait for the software to be installed and now you will find that printing issues are been resolved without wasting much time.

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