How to Calibrate Printers and Scanners Using ICC Printer Profiles?

Is there anyone who knows about how to calibrate printers and scanners using ICC printer profiles. I have no idea about this. Help me.

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Calibrate Printers and Scanners Using ICC Printer Profiles:

When you calibrate printers and scanners using ICC printer correctly, you can be sure what you'll see here on the screen is what you will get on paper and that the colours on display were appropriately reflected on the document.

Calibration is facilitated with an ICC profile. The International Color Consortium produced a collection of standards called ICC profiles, which are widely used in colour management. Each file is unique to a particular device, ensuring color consistency. 

It's easy to set up an ICC profile. It's challenging to find the appropriate ICC profile (more on that below). After you've downloaded an ICC profile, make sure you put it where it belongs. On both Windows and Mac, follow these steps:

Step 1: Retrieve the ICC profiles from the ZIP file you installed and save it somewhere efficiently. 

Step 2: Right-click the extracted file and select Install Profile on just a Windows PC. It stores it in a suitable spot immediately.

Step 3: Carefully copy and paste this extracted ICC profile into the appropriate folder on a Mac. 

Where Can I Get ICC Profiles?

Companies including Ilford and Hammermill make it much easier to choose the perfect blend of ink, paper, and printer options (manufacturers of photo paper). On their respective websites, these firms list a variety of printer settings.

On its website, Canon provides ICC profiles for suitable third-party printers and an art paper printing guide. Brother uses Windows ICM printer profiles. However, TFT Central has a collection of ICC profiles, including monitor configurations that appear to be continuously updated.

The Importance of ICC Profiles in an Imaging Workflow

A printer profile specifies a specific mix of the printer, ink, paper, and output options. In light of the screen's resolutions, contrasts, or spectrum capability, it will establish the luminance, contrast, and color intensity for reproductions.

The best screen settings will also consider the user's environmental illumination. For each input and output medium, like scanners and cameras, displaying equipment such as monitors or presentations, and outputs including certain sheets and other printing services, an ICC profile can all be formed.

Photographers are often curious about both screen and printing profiles as both are important in deciding how well what you have seen on the screen. At the same time, editing photographs will translate to the printed outputs. We'll start with screen profiles and then work our way up to printing profiles, including how to get them or use them.


Calibrate printers and scanners using ICC printers guarantee that the nozzles on the inkjet cartridges and the printer paper are perfectly aligned. This process ensures the colors remain vibrant and clear and that the final product is of the best quality.

Successful printer calibration also prevents 'device drift,' as commonly understood. Now you have all the necessary information related to this topic for better understanding. Read this topic thoroughly.

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