How to Clear a Paper Jam on a Canon Inkjet Printer?

Hi, I am facing problem in clearing paper jam on Canon inkjet printer. Please give me any idea to solve this issue of paper jam in Canon printer.

Fix Canon Printer Paper Jam Issue:

When you use a printer on a daily basis, then paper jam is a very common issue. It can be really annoying and expensive to maintain a Canon printer in office or home. There are several error messages that show up at any point of time causing a lot of inconvenience.

Here are some of the steps that you can follow to solve Canon inkjet printer paper jam.

The Canon printers released nowadays come with LCD monitors,so it becomes easy to understand any problem that comes up. Never the less, there are certain Inkjet model printers that does not come with such monitors.

Generally, when a buyer unpacks a printer, he does not read the manual carefully, which is the reason why he or she has no idea why blinking error light issue arises. Paper jam issues are pretty common if you are using Canon inkjet printers.

Steps to Solve Issue of Canon Printer Paper Jam:

Step 1: First of all, carefully disconnect the power wire from Canon Inkjet printer’s back. This is the most important step to resolve the issues that are associated with any electronic device.

Step 2: Unhinge your printer’s access panel that is located at the back.

Step 3: Open the back panel and see through it. Check if there is any paper. If you find any paper, then you must instantly remove the paper jams.

Step 4: Now, shut the access panel at the back. Please ensure that it is properly closed and looks exactly like what it was when you were going to open it.

Step 5: Now to resolve the issue of Canon inkjet printer paper jam, locate the top or front access panel. Also, disconnect the printer from a power source. Then, go to the panel where you can change the ink cartridges.

If you are able to move the carriage that has ink cartridges in it, then move it. Now, search if there are any paper jams.

Step 6:Take out the jammed paper if you find any. If you will try to take it out from the front side, then you will experience paper feeder resistance. You need to pull it out very slowly or else it will tear apart, which can be very troublesome for you.

Step 7: Now to get rid of the problem of Canon inkjet printer paper jam, shut the access panel in the front. Please, ensure that it is properly closed and looks the same way it was prior to opening it.

Step 8: Now, connect your printer to a power source and try to print again. If your printer prints properly and no error is popping up, then that means your paper jam issue has been resolved.

So, these were some of the steps that you need to follow to get rid of the problem of Canon Printer paper jam. We hope that your problem gets resolved by following these steps..



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How to Clear a Paper Jam on a Canon Inkjet Printer?

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