How to Clear Canon MX922 Support Code b200?

Help me in clearing Canon MX922 support code b200 while printing. I have no idea why printer showing this type of error.

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Clear Canon MX922 Support Code b200 -

There is nothing more annoying than not being able to print a document because of Canon MX922 Support Code b200. This the most troublesome error code on the Canon printer. This generally happens when your printer device is not in a good condition.

You don't need to buy a new printer if you are encountering this error as you can clean Canon MX922 Support Code b200 by following the steps given in this article. Before we move on with the solutions, let us first get to know the causes of this error.

What Leads to Canon MX922 Support Code b200 Error?

There can be several reasons responsible for the Canon MX922 support code b200 error to occur. Below mentioned are some of the causes of this error.

1) Jammed Ink Cartridge: Previously, if any paper jams took place, then that used to happen because of the jamming of the ink carriage. Hence, it is necessary to remove the jammed ink carriage prior to printing.

Or else, you will continue to see the same support code on your printer screen.

2) Waste Ink Tank may be Full: There is a chance that this support error is occurring because of the waste ink tank. In Canon printer devices, there is a waste ink tank, which holds the waste ink that can be used later on in the cleaning process.

Therefore, it is recommended to check if the ink tank is full or not. Clean the waste ink tank in order to remove the support code b200.

3) Dry Cartridge: Another possible cause of support code b200 error is the dried cartridge. Canon mx922 printer uses two different kinds of cartridges.

In case you are using the printer device after a long period of time, then the holes of cartridges can get dried up.

Steps to Fix Canon MX922 Support Code B200

Some people may think that this issue can easily get resolved by replacing the printhead. However, this solution may turn out to be more costly in comparison to purchasing a new printer device.

Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to clean the Canon MX922 support code.

Step 1: Power on your printer device and let it remain as it is for the next half n hour. This will cool your printer down by resetting all the functions.

Step 2: See if there is any carriage or paper jam in your printer machine. If so, then you must open your printer's front door and rotate the carriage to clean the paper jams.

Step 3: Use a printer maintenance tool to clean the printhead of your printer device.

Step 4: After that, you are required to replace the cartridges.

Step 5: Then, install the latest drivers on your computer system.

Step 6: In the end, clean the printhead manually using tissue paper or wet cloth. Please ensure that you clean your printhead's gold strips.

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