How to Connect a Canon Printer to a Laptop via Ethernet with No Router?

I have a Canon inkjet semi-automatic printer at home. It is a wireless printer and I have been using it for a month. Recently my PC malfunctioned and it is under repair so in order to configure it with my MacBook I need to connect it to the laptop using a cabled connection since the laptop is not detecting any wireless signal. Can anyone tell me how to connect my canon printer using an Ethernet cable to the laptop?

  • Davis
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  • February 12, 2024
Answer - 1

Connect Kodak printer to Laptop in this way -

  1. There will be an installation CD that came along with your Kodak printer, just insert that CD into laptop’s driver and complete the installation process.
  2. If you don’t have Kodak printer’s installation CD then no need to get worried as you can still install Kodak printer on your laptop. After checking your internet connectivity, navigate to Kodak website and then locate then locate the support section for your Kodak printer model number. And then download and install the appropriate drivers for your printer on the laptop.
  3. After installing driver and software, you have to plug the printer cable into your laptop’s USB port. By doing this, your laptop will immediately recognize your Kodak printer.
  4. On the same network as the laptop, the printer you want to add is attached to another system then you can share the printer without adding this. For this, just go to that computer that is attached to the printer. Then click on Start > Control Panel > Network& Internet > Network & Sharing Center.
  5. After this, click the arrow that is next to “Printer Sharing”. Choose the option “Turn on Sharing” and then click on Apply button. Also, confirm that the shared printer is turned on at this moment.
  6. On your laptop, go to Start button and then you have to type “\” and “name of your computer with attached shared printer” in the search box. After this, press Enter button.
  7. Now a folder will open on your computer’s screen where you have to click on “Printers” option. Now you will see the shared printer on the network. Then press double click on “Shared printer”. Now windows will automatically add Kodak printer to your laptop and also install the latest drivers software. Then hit Next.

Your Kodak printer is successfully added to your laptop and you can see Kodak printer in the Printers folder.

  •   Smith
  •   November 17, 2020