How to Connect Canon IP7240 Printer to WiFi?

Hello, Please let me know that how to connect Canon ip7240 printer to wifi. I have tried so many times to connect Canon ip7240 printer with my wifi network but it's not connecting. Please help me in this.


Connect Canon IP7240 Printer to WiFi:

connect canon ip7240 printer to wifi

At some times many access points are referred to as (routers or hubs) it is a feature of an automatic connection button which has label of “WPS” (Wi-fi protected setup). Which allows permitted devices such as PIXMA iP7240 connection is possible to the network without any need of entering password. Ablation of quick and easy method of connection of your devices is possible by this.

It is a far easy way to connect your canon ip7240 printer to wifi in case if there is a WPS button of access point then you have to select the ‘WPS Connection Method’ below for instructions on connecting by using this method. If router do not support WPS then there are alternative instructions to get Canon PIXMA iP7240 printer connection. So, please select the ‘Standard Connection Method’ tab.

Method of WPS Connection:

Conditions to match WPS push button method which we should take care of before starting:

A device user guide would be helpful for you as it contains instructions regarding well execution of any sort of operations to be performed.

  • The access point must be having an availability of a physical WPS button which has to be pushed. In need of a proper guidance check with your device’s user guide for detailing.
  • As an active user take care that you must be using the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or a WPA2 protocol of security. There are most of the WPS enabled access points will not connect using the WPS method if there is usage of WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) security method is being used, or if no security is enabled. Want to have a detailed version of instructions? Check the wireless connection settings of your computer.

Below are the Steps to be Followed for the Setup to Connect Canon ip7240 Printer to Wi-fi:

Step 1 : Printer has to be turned on.

Step 2 : You have to hold and press the Wi-Fi button on the front of the printer for few seconds .

Step 3 : You have to be sure of blue flash by the button and then move to the access point & press [WPS] button within 2 minutes.

Step 4 : Access point manual is referred for exact detailing regarding WPS button.

Step 5 : While searching or connecting to the access point; blue light will keeps on flashing. At the time of full connection which is made by printer to the wireless network, the blue lamp will stop flashing and remains lit.

Confirmation of Network Setting Regarding How to Connect Canon ip7240 Printer to WiFi:

connect canon ip7240 printer to wifi

For the confirmation of of your printer connection of the wireless network, network settings can be printed out of your printer:

  • Make sure that your printer is turned on.
  • You have to load a sheet of A4 or a Letter-sized plain paper.
  • Press and hold resume/cancel button until you get flash of power lamp by 6 times teh release it.
  • The page of network information to connect ip7240 printer to Wi-Fi will be printed after this.
  • When referring to the printout, check the “connection” indicates “Active” and that the Service Set Identifier SSID (the name of your wireless network) indicates the correct name of your wireless network.
  • The WPS setup will be concluded by this whole procedure .
  • Now, further proceed by installing the software to make the most out of your PIXMA iP7240.
  • In case of no availability of installation CD which comes with your product, now you can download the manuals and software just by selecting your product from the page of PIXMA range.
  • If your wireless setup is still failing after you follow the guide, please contact the helpline for assistance so that you can connect canon ip7240 printer to Wifi.

Method of Standard USB Connection:

1st Step: To run the setup insert your CD that comes with your printer.

Windows User: By chance if the “setup CD-ROM” do not on auto run, insert the CD-ROM into your computer again and click on (My Computer), select the CD-ROM and double-click [MSETUP4.EXE].

Users of Windows 8: Double-Click on [Canon_IJ]. After selection window gets open, double-click the [MSETUP4.EXE].

Note: Those who use MAC they have to double-click on the icon of [Canon_IJ] mounted on your desktop. After you get the selection window opened, click [setup] to start the software download link.

Wireless Standard of PIXMA iP7240 :

This is a driver that should give complete operational workout in your picked model. In addition it allows you to set-up your printer for printing and scanning wirelessly. For enhanced person expertise we also advise installing My Image Garden software. A variation of this regular driver could have been involved within the CD provided with your very first product.

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How to Connect Canon IP7240 Printer to WiFi?

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