How to Connect Canon TS3120 Printer to WiFi?

Hello, Let me know that how to connect Canon ts3120 printer to wifi. I am trying to connect my Canon ts3120 printer to wifi but it's not connecting.I don't know what to do in this. Help me.

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Connect Canon TS3120 Printer to WiFi:

Are you using Canon TS3120 Printer for getting printed documents and pictures? In order to use the PIXMA TS series printers to print or scan wirelessly on a Windows or Mac system, ensure that the printer should be connected to the wireless network and required software drivers and applications are installed on the computer system. This post gives you the way to connect Canon ts3120 Printer to wifi network.

The Canon ts3120 Printer Wireless Setup Procedure Consists of Two Phases:

  1. Initiate Easy Wireless Connect on your printer
  2. Download, run the setup file to install the drivers and software on your device.

Start Easy Wireless Connect on the Canon ts3120 Printer:

Before you can install and setup the printer drivers on your system, smartphone or tablet device, start the Easy wireless Connect on the printer. Once after this, you can complete the setup on the computer or device. Follow the given procedure to begin the Easy Wireless connect.

  • Ensure that the button on the wireless router device is ready to be pressed.
  • Continuously press and hold the Network button on the Printer and release when the WiFi LED flashes light.

  • Now press and hold the button on the wireless router for 2 minutes.
  • Once when the printer gets connected with the wireless router, the Wifi and network signals will automatically glow.

  • In case, if the alarm lamp lights up, check Troubleshooting tips.

The wireless connection setup for Canon TS3120 is now successfully completed.

Finally, download the application software and proceed with its installation process.

Note: Printer setup can also be installed using the Setup CD-ROM

  • For Windows: Click Setup icon in the taskbar, follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with setup.
  • For Mac: Click Setup icon in the Dock, follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with setup.

Download and Run the Setup File-

Printer setup file is required to use the printer from the Windows or Mac system. The setup file can also be installed using Setup CD-ROM. The setup procedure is a bit different for Windows and Mac, both have been discussed below:

Canon TS3120 Printer Wireless Setup With Windows :

Step 1: Click on the Start Setup option of setup wizard. This allows the computer to use the printer machine.

Note: You can set a desired language for the complete installation wizard.

Step 2: Select your country or region of your residence. If in case, your country is not listed in the options, select Others and click on Next button.

Step 3: A license agreement to use the printer software will be shown on the screen. Click on Yes button after reading the stated terms.

Step 4: Now, an extended survey program will be displayed on the screen. If you agree to start installing the survey program, Select Agree or else Do not agree to the survey.

Step 5: The next screen displays Firewall Settings. You can deactivate the firewall block and click Next to continue.

Note: It is recommended to deactivate the firewall function of this software as the Windows firewall function in the background.

Step 6: Next, you can check the connection method used to connect the printer to the wireless router. Click Yes to continue.

Step 7: The setup wizard continues and it will show the list of available wireless networks. Choose an appropriate Wireless router to connect the printer and enter the corresponding network key for it.

Note: If due to some reasons, your network is not shown in the list then add it manually. Further click on the Next button.

The loading screen for the printer wizard appears.

Step 8: As the connection gets completed, click on the Next button.

Step 9: To check the printer performance, you can perform the Head Alignment and Print screen test.

Step 10: Moreover, you can select and install any optional application software with your printer and click on Next button.

The software is now installed and the printer setup is complete.

Canon TS3120 Printer WiFi Setup With Mac :

Step 1 : Start the setup wizard and click Next option on the first screen. This will install the Helper tool required for setup operations.

Step 2 : Enter the username and password required to install the new Helper tool. Click on Install Helper option.

Step 3 : Click on Start Setup button allowing the machine to use the printer.

Step 4 : Select appropriate region or location of residence and click on Next button.

Step 5 : Read the License Agreement carefully and click on Yes button if you accept the agreement.

Step 6 : Select Agree or Do Not Agree to the Extended Survey program. This will take some time to check the printer status.

Step 7 : Check the connection status and click Yes if it shows correct wireless router information.

Step 8 : In the next screen of the wizard, select the wireless router to which you want to connect your printer and enter the corresponding password for that network.

Step 9 : The network connection completes, click on Next button. Now driver installation will take place.

Step 10 : Next, click on the Add Printer button shown on the Add Printer screen.

Step 11 : On the Add screen, select the Canon TS series and select AirPrint or Secure AirPrint in the Use field box.

Step 12 : Further, click on Next on the Add Printer screen.

Step 13 : You can add or install optional application software and click on the Next button.

Step 14 : Finally, click on the Exit button as the installation completes successfully.

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