How to Fix a Canon Printer Error Code 752?

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix a Canon printer error code 752? I am facing some errors while printing with this printer. Help me.

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  • lay  Jan 13, 2022
Answer - 1

Fix a Canon Printer Error Code 752:

Canon printer error code 752 appears because of issues with the email settings, connectivity issues, and STMP server settings. However, there is nothing to worry about as this problem can easily be resolved by turning off your printer and then turning it on once again.

In case this doesn't resolve your issue, then you can try other different solutions that can help you get rid of this problem. Here in this post, we are available with multiple solutions that you can apply to fix Canon printer error code 752. 

1) Pease Make Sure that the Server is Functional

Before you go ahead and apply any other solution, you must make sure that the server is functioning. As stated earlier, this error also occurs because of email issues. This problem can also occur because of server functionality issues. 

2) Make Sure That Your Network is Running and Working

There is a chance that you are encountering this problem because your internet is not working. You can easily identify the cause of the network problem by checking the network connection status.  

Canon printer error code 752 often appears when there is a network connectivity issue. Therefore, you must check your network connection and check if it is causing the issue. 

3) Check Your STMP Server Name

The error message states that your STMP server is the primary cause of the problem. Whenever there is some problem with the STMP server, one can make many mistakes. STMP server name is used to determine whether an email or fax is correct or not.

You can check the STMP server name and the email address by checking communication settings. This is an effective method to resolve Canon printer-related issues. 

If the error code does not go away even after applying all the solutions mentioned above, then you must get in touch with a customer service executive or call a technician. He will look into the problem and provide you with the best possible remedy. It is necessary to resolve the error code as soon as you see it or else it can become quite troublesome. 

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