How to Fix Adobe PDF Printer is Missing Problem?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Adobe PDF printer is missing problem. I am facing some issues with this. Help me.

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Fix Adobe PDF Printer is Missing Problem:

Certain times, you are not able to find your printer inside Adobe Reader. Subsequently, you feel that the Adobe PDF printer is missing which causes you a lot of frustrations during your work hour. Not to get tensed as this guide is going to resolve your PDf missing problems. Adobe PDF printer is missing at some times due to the fact that Adobe PDF printer is not rightly installed with Acrobat Standard DC installation.

Some possible methods to fix the problem that you can try is to download the latest Adobe Reader, or you can run the printer troubleshooter. But if you want to check out a detailed and more comprehensive guide, you need to visit Adobe Fix Hub directly. Never forget to bookmark a useful list of Peripherals Fix websites for more in-depth help.

Why Adobe PDF Printer is Missing?

1. Download and Install the Latest Version of Acrobat Reader

Step 1: Firstly, download the latest version of Acrobat Reader.

Step 2: Next, launch the Installer file.

Step 3: Continue following the on-screen instructions and complete the setup.

Step 4: Lastly, check to confirm if that resolves the printer issue or not. If not, then try the trailing methods.

2. Repair Installation File for Adobe Acrobat

Originally, Acrobat reader offers you a built-in repair tool. With this repair tool, you can probably resolve the issue.

Step 1: Initially, run the Adobe Acrobat Reader app on your computer system.

Step 2: Next, click on Help and then select the “Repair Installation“ option.

Step 3: Inside the new Dialog box, click Yes for the “Are you sure you want to repair the current installation” message.

Step 4: Adobe Reader starts to initiate the repair process that might take some time. So wait for the time till it gets completed.

Step 5: As the repair process is complete, exit, and run Adobe Reader again. Further, click on File and then select Print option. This checks whether your printer is listed in the printer section or not.

3. Update the Printer Drivers

If still the issue persists, update the printer drivers from the device manager.

Step 1: Launch Run by pressing Windows Key + R.

Step 2: Type and enter devmgmt.msc. Then, press OK to launch Device Manager.

Step 3: Next, under the Device Manager, expand the Printer section.

Step 4: Now, right-click on your specific printer and then choose Update Driver.

Step 5: Select the “Search automatically for updated driver software” option. Windows starts to search for any pending driver updates and download it.

Step 6: As the installation completes, reboot the system.

Step 7: Launch Adobe PDF reader and check if you can see your printer model in the printer interface.

4. Launch Printer Troubleshooter

Step 1: Launch Start and then choose Settings.

Step 2: Click on the Update and Security tab and then Troubleshoot tab in the left pane.

Step 4: Further, scroll down to Printer and then click on it.

Step 5: Click the “Run the troubleshooter” button which scans your printer for any potential issues and gives an appropriate fix.

Step 6: Further, apply the recommended fixes and restart your system if required. As it restarts, check for any improvements. Still, "Adobe PDF printer is missing" issue remains, try setting your printer as default.

How to Set Printer as Default Setting?

Step 1: Type and enter Control Panel in the search box to open it.

Step 2: Navigate to Hardware and Sound section and then Devices and Printers option.

Step 3: Here, right-click on your printer and select “Set as Default Printer" option.

So, that's all. You can now check for if you are able to print the document using Adobe Reader or still is showing "Adobe PDF printer is missing" issue.

What does Adobe PDF Reader does?

Adobe PDF reader lets you print the PDF documents through its print interface. However, there exist several users who have reported that they are unable to print from the Adobe PDF reader interface as it giving "Adobe PDF printer is missing" error from the print option. Subsequently, users have reported that the printer is not visible in Adobe Reader interface in the Microsoft Community Forums.

If its a Windows 8 system, printer will not print from Adobe Reader software. Indeed, it will be directly printing a test page from respective devices. With the help of troubleshooting options, you can find anything wrong and reach to the major cause.

Hope this guide is helpful for the users when the Adobe PDF printer is missing. With the listed instructions, you will be able to resolve your printer issue occurring with your Adobe Reader.

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