How to Fix Canon MG3600 Printer Offline Error?

When i am trying to print then my Canon MG3600 printer showing offline error. I have no idea about that fixing. Help me.

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Canon MG3600 Printer Offline Error 

If you are one of the users of the Canon printer and also facing the Canon MG 3600 printer offline error then here is how you can troubleshoot this issue on your own.

Locate the wifi button on your Canon printer first, and press and hold it for a few seconds till the wifi lights start flashing, once the wifi lights start flashing press the WPS key on your router, now network searching will go on and the connection will be established to enter a point.

Once the connection is established the light will turn into a solid one. This way the Canon MG3600 printer's offline error will be resolved and it will tune in online quickly. 

How Do I Fix Canon MG3600 Printer Offline Issue?

Rejoin the Device to Wi-Fi

Is your printer disconnected but linked to Wi-Fi? An easy solution for this sort of mistake is to rewire the device to the Wi-Fi router. The five steps are mentioned below to relink it.

  • Find the Wi-Fi button on the Canon printer and press it.

  • Have it holding it till the Wi-Fi light starts to flash.
  • Press the WPS key of the router when you get the Wi-Fi light flashing blue recurrently
  • Whilst the obtainable networks are being researched and getting linked to the entrée points, the light will continue to flash.
  • Once the device gets linked, the light will remain ON.

Applying this process, you will be capable of taking the Canon printer off to online rapidly.

Canon MG3600 Offline Fix-2

Resume Print Spooler

When you obtain the note ‘Canon printer is offline’, you can clear it by resuming the print spooler facility. For those of you questioning what print-spooler is, let us state to you that this service is liable for handling the print works prearranged to the printing device.

  • Enter service in the search box from the Start menu. Then Click Services (Desktop app) from the result.
  • Right-click on Print-Spooler. > click on Restart. Message: If the Resume option darkened out, rather than click on Start.

  • Right-click on Print-Spooler once more and this time, select Properties. Then, set its Startup category to be Automatic. Click on OK to protect your settings.

  • Restart your PC and try to print your file to see if your printer works.

Deactivate the ‘Use Printer Offline’ Concept of Your Canon Laser Printer

  • Enter the control-panel in the research box from Begin. > Click on Control Panel (Desktop-app) from the outcome.
  • Clack on ‘Hardware & Sound’ > Devices & printers.

  • Find out and right-click on the Canon imprinter in ‘Printers collection. After that select ‘See what’s printing’.
  • Clack on the Printer to understand if ‘Apply Printer Off’ is unimpeded. If it’s checked with a √ mark, tick it to uncheck.
  • Click on Imprinter once more and this time, click on ‘Cancel All Forms & Print your folder’ to see if the Canon printer works.

The second reason for the offline mistake is the choice of “Utilize printer offline” in your arrangement. When this selection has been permitted, it might hiatus the printing rank or make your printer off. A printer driver not being connected properly can be the third reason for this fault. Adding up, your device can be off when the printer driver has been connected but is not the newest one.

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