How to Fix Canon MX Series Printers 1008 or 1003 Error Code?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Canon MX series printers 1008 or 1003 error code. When i am trying to print with my Canon printer then they show me the error 1008 and 1003. Help me in resolving.

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Fix Canon Printer Error 1008 or 1003:

Canon support code 1008 error is a common printer error which occurs when there is no paper in the input tray. This canon 1003 error may also occur due to improper alignment of paper in the cassette.

If you have also come across this problem, then there is nothing to worry about as here we are available with a solution that can help you to fix Canon Printer Error 1008.

Steps to Fix Canon Printer Support Code 1008 or 1003:

Take a look at the steps mentioned below to fix Canon Printer error 1008 or 1003.

Step 1: Load Paper

The foremost thing that you need to do is to load sheets in the cassette that is positioned in the lower portion of the machine.

Step 2: Load Sheets in the Source Section

Sheets should be loaded in the section that is perfect for the size of the paper.

Step 3: Keep a Track of Your Paper

Professional experts recommend that the size of the paper to be loaded in the machine should be the same as photo paper or plain paper.

Step 4: Alignment of Paper

The Canon support code 1008 or 1003 can also occur because of the wrong alignment of paper. To get rid of this problem, reload the sheets in the tray and then reset the alignment. By doing so, all the papers loaded will have the same alignment and the error will be removed.

People nowadays don’t print as many documents as they used to print earlier. Although one can need a printer at any point in time for printing important documents. Therefore, one must have a good printer to print important documents in the time of need.

Whenever we talk about printers, one name that comes to every person’s mind is Canon. This printer manufacturing brand has gained a lot of prominence in the market as it offers the best in class printer products.

However, like every other printer, Canon printer products are also not free from technical errors. One can encounter technical complications at any time while using the printer. Technical errors are unavoidable but these errors can be eliminated by performing the necessary steps. One such error is 1008 or 1003 error code.

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