How to Fix Canon Pixma MX432 Printer Error Code 5100?

Hi, When i am printing with Canon pixma mx432 printer then they are showing error code 5100. But i have no idea how to fix canon printer error code 5100. Please give any solution.

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Answer - 1

Canon Printer Error 5100 -

If there is an important document that you need to print on an immediate basis but rather than printing a copy of the document, the printer is displaying the Error 5100, If such an error appears in front of you, then this can be really frustrating as this brings an obstacle in your printing experience.

If you wish to solve the problem of Canon MX432 Printer error 5100, then this problem can be resolved by reading this article. Moreover, you can reach out to the expert team to get rid of the problem of Canon error code 5100. All you have to do is to contact the Canon toll-free customer service and connect with our support team.

There can be several reasons responsible for this Canon error 5100 issue. These reasons include:

  1.  There is a chance that the protective layer of the printer material is stopping the printhead to move in a proper manner.
  2.  Paper jam is also one of the possibilities.
  3.  It may happen because of the dirt present on the cartridge head.
  4.  It may be because of incorrect installation of the ink tank.
  5.  Canon printer requires to be reset.

There are a number of solutions through which you can solve the problem of Canon MX432 error 5100. So, let us read all the solutions one by one.

Method 1: Take the Protective Material off the Printer Head

  1.  Open the upper cover of the Canon printer.
  2.  Start searching for the protective material and take it out.
  3.  Shut the cover and turn on your printer.
  4.  Now, you will have to see that the printer error code 5100 issue has been fixed.

Method 2: Take the Jammed Paper Out of Your Canon Printer

  1.  First of all, power off your printer.
  2.  You need to gently and carefully remove the paper from the tray.
  3.  Now, close the head of the printer and then start your printer.
  4.  In the final step, you are required to check whether the problem of Canon Pixma MX432 is resolved or not.

Method 3: Install the Ink Tank Properly

Sometimes the Error 5100 pops up because the ink of the Canon Pixma MX432 Printer is not inserted properly. This can cause obstructions in print head functioning. In order to resolve this issue, you are required to reset or reinstall the ink cartridge.

In order to do so, you are required to take out all the ink tanks from your printer and start cleaning them by using filtered air or canned air blower. Nevertheless, in order to do this, you need to have some technical knowledge. You can also reach out to the specialists at any point of time by dialling number and receive instant and comprehensive assistance.

Method 4: Try Resetting Your Canon Pixma MX432 Printer

  1.  Power off you canon printer and disconnect it from a power source
  2.  Now, press the power button for the restoration of power.
  3.  Keep on pressing power button and at the same time press the resume button two times.
  4.  Now, leave the power button and check that the problem is solved or not.

By following any of the above mentioned 4 methods, you can resolve the Canon Printer error 5100. If you still are not able to solve this problem, then you can contact the Canon support team and they will assist you in resolving this issue. This problem can be solved according to your own convenience. If you require assistance on an instant basis, then dial the customer service now.

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