How to Fix Canon Printer Error 6C10?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix canon printer error 6C10. When i am trying to print with canon printer then it's showing error 6c10 code. I have no idea about that. Help me.

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  • February 13, 2024
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Fix Canon Printer Error 6C10:

Canon printer is a multifunctional printer that comes with inkjet technology and its printer resolution is 4800*1200 dpi and its printing speed on the black print out is 9.9 PPM and on color print speed it is around 5.7 PPM. Its paper tray accepts A4, A5, B5, Legal page.

The wireless canon printer is a multifunctional printer that lets you express your individuality and it enables you to print the paper remotely on demand anywhere. Though it is a multifunctional printer so canon printer is shareable which means you can share this canon printer with other user to give permission of printing command. This multifunctional canon printer is ideal of offices and medium size house.

There are some pros and cons of this multifunctional printer are following.

  • Canon printer low ink consumer.
  • It is very easy to setup.
  • It is very handful and user friendly and easy to use.
  • It provide wireless printing feature.

But some time canon printer faces some technical error 6C10 for which you need to look out the support. 6C10 Canon printer Error which is appeared on the following canon printer model like MP110, MP550, MP 540, MP610, MP630, MP800, MP810, MP830, MP 970, MP980, MP620 etc. This Canon pixma 6c10 error is known as CAM Sensor code. This error generally comes out when you press the on button on your canon printer.

6C10 Canon printer Error has been described as either reset canon printer ink absorber error or valve cam sensor error. most of the user does not know about the exact location of the valve cam sensor, so if you are getting this error and even you does not know the exact location of valve cam scanner, in this case, you need to take tech expert assistance to locate the sensor. It is said that sensor could be blocked by paper debris but the technician has a way to let you know the exact location of cam sensor.

In another case, suppose you have bought a new canon printer and it has little use relatively like print CD/DVD’s. There is also a foam strip running almost the full width inside the printer and it seems like 95% clean and fresh. Nontechnical person cannot recognize the ink absorber, so in this case, you are required to take expert assistance to locate it. There is a button-push sequence that is designed to place in the service mode which is used to reset the link absorber.

Steps to be Fixed Canon Printer Error 6C10:


  • Firstly, you need to move the printer’s head to the center.
  • Thereafter you are required to disconnect the printer and check the rights to make sure that is the purge unit is OK or no piece of paper.


  • Perform reset operation to the canon printer.
  • Supply the power to the printer.
  • Hold on the resume button continuously for 15 to 20 seconds.


  • Switch off the canon printer.
  • Now open the door of printer.
  • Supply power to the printer.
  • When the cartridge at the center, close the door.


  1. First you are required to open lid and allow ink cartridge carrier at the center itself.
  2. Now you looking at the right where you will see a row of white roller behind the carrier.
  3. At the end of the roller you will see a small clear piece of plastic which is stick up. Now you need to take a small piece of paper towel and wipe out the spread ink off the piece of plastic and when cleaned move on the ink pad.
  4. Approximately one inches towards the printer side from the piece of plastic , there is a small square which is about half an inch per side that is small foam pad. This is the place where excess ink is collected.
  5. Now you need to take a small piece of paper towel and press into the foam. You need to repeat this procedure until the paper towel is no longer collecting the ink. Now you can close the lid and turn off the printer and turn it back again.

This is the document on to fix Canon 6c10 error reset and exactly know about the Canon error 6C10. How this error is generated and when it is generated.

By following this document if you are facing any kind of issue related with Canon error 6C10 and you are not able to understand the exact problem, you can connect with Canon printer technician by following steps.

  • First, you need to call canon customer in any hour and night.
  • Technician is available on 24*7 to assist you. You can communicate with the technician and shoot a mail also.
  • You can also take help through live chat from an time and anywhere.
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  •   June 12, 2021