How to Reset Canon TS3322 Black Ink Cartridge?

black in light is steady on, I did refill on the same cartridge.How do I reset ink light on? Canon TS3322 printer.

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Reset Canon TS3322 Black Ink Cartridge:

It is important for a user to check the level of ink in the ink cartridges from time to time. In case the ink inside your cartridge is not as per the estimated level, then you need to get it replaced. There are sensors present inside the ink cartridges that allow you to check the level of ink.

One must use ink cartridges that are compatible with your Canon Pixma printer. Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss how to reset Canon Pixma black ink cartridge. So, let's discuss different solutions that will help you reset Canon Pixma ink cartridges. 

Different Methods to Reset Canon Pixma Black Ink Cartridge

There is a special chip inserted in your ink cartridges. These chips inform you the level of ink in the ink cartridges. Printers are technical devices and one can encounter technical issues while using these devices.

One such issue is the printer not working even when there is ink in the cartridge. In such a case you are required to reset your Canon ink cartridge.

Below are the Steps that You Need to Follow to Reset Your Canon Ink Cartridge. 

Remove the Ink Cartridge

First of all, you are required to remove the cartridge from the printer. After that, you need to insert the cartridge in the main channel resetter. 

Chip Needs to Make Contact 

Also, you need to ensure that the chip on your ink cartridge is making contact with the contact plate on your resetter. 

Press the Cartridge

Press your cartridge smoothly for a few seconds. After that, the LED light on your chip resetter is going to flash several times in a row. This displays that the cartridge has made contact with the chip. Hold the cartridge in the same place for a few seconds. Don't leave the cartridge until you see the LED light glowing. 

Remove the Cartridge 

In the end, you are required to remove the ink cartridge from the chip resetter. You are required to follow the same process if you wish to reset another ink cartridge. 

So, the above-mentioned steps will help you reset your ink cartridge successfully. The process to reset the black ink cartridge is very easy and a user must perform these steps whenever he sees a low ink warning on the screen even when there is enough ink in the cartridge. 

How can I Reset Canon TS3322 Black Ink Cartridge? 

Below are the simple steps that you need to perform in order to reset Canon TS3322 black ink cartridge. 

Step 1: First of all, you need to turn off your printer by pressing the power button. 

Step 2: Simultaneously, you are required to press the reset or stop button. Release the reset button and press the power button twice in a row. 

Step 3: Wait for at least 20-30 seconds till the time you see LED showing 0. 

Step 4: Now, press the reset button 4 times in a row. 

Step 5: After that, press the power button twice in a row.

Step 6: Then, press the power button again and then turn off your printer.

Step 7: In order to reset the cartridge, remove the power and USB cable. 

Step 8: Then, you need to open the ink cartridge access door and press the power button. 

Step 9: Now, reconnect the power wire while holding down the power button. 

Step 10: In the end, you need to close the cartridge door and release the button.

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