How to Fix Canon Printer Not Responding?

Hello, Let me know that how to fix Canon printer not responding. When i am trying to print with my Canon printer then they are no responding to print command. Help me in this problem.

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Fix Canon Printer Not Responding:

If you are searching for a guide on How to Fix Canon printer Not Responding windows 10? Then I will help you with that. A printer is a simple device that will help you print any document that you need. If you want to print something, then you don’t need to wait and just get the print this moment with the printers. Printers make our lives very easy.

Solution for Canon Printer Not Responding Error:

Many users have come up with this problem and they said that their Canon printers sometimes stop responding and temporally stop responding and do anything. The printers stop printing and do not respond to users’ commands.

It should be noted that this is just a simple error and Printer not responding issue. Many times, printers behave in this way and these issues can be caused by issues that lead the printer to malfunction. If you are not able to solve this problem, then I am going to solve it for you.

Here is the Solution of Canon Printer Not Responding:

Step 1 : Firstly, you need to find the setup button. The setup button is placed on the Canon Printer. If you are searching for this button, then this button is present in the function panel of the printer.

Step 2 : After that, through the setup button, you need to search for the easy setup option.

Step 3 : After that, you need to click on ok.

Step 4 : Now you must choose Access point and search for all the access points.

Step 5 : After that search for your preferred access point. Then you need to the Wi-Fi password through which Wi-Fi you want to connect your printer.

Step 6 : Then click on OK

Step 7 : After that, you need to find the setup disk and after that, you need that into the PC.

Step 8 : Now you have the options os setting up the printer. Run this setup and then you need to connect your device to your printer.

Step 9 : After that go to Easy Install and then tap on the Install option. Then you need to find the option of Printer on the Network and pages that are loaded newly. If that option is a Yes then you need to go to the option of troubleshooting.

Step 10 : After that, you need to start the installation of the printer. Then you need to take some time for the process to get complete.

After the complete installation, check for the test print from the printer and see if the printer is functioning properly.

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