How to Fix Canon TS3100 Printer Not Printing?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix canon ts3100 printer not printing. When i am trying to print with canon ts3100 then it's not printing. Help me in this.

Fix Canon TS3100 Printer Not Printing:

For a very long time, Canon was the most important manufacturer of print engines (that one observed in industry-standard laser printers.) In the beginning, the earliest models of Apple LaserWriter and similar goods developed by HP made use of the Canon LBP-CX engine.

Afterward, their later models like the Laser Writer II series, LaserJet II series employed the Canon LBP-SX engine. Before long, their models used the services of the Canon LBP-LX, LBP-EX, LBP-PX engines, and several other Canon print engines. Present-day printers apply the proprietary BJNP protocol (USB over IP port 8611).

Canon TS3100 Printing Complications: Canon TS3100 Printer Not Responding-

Check-1: Confirm That the Printer is Connected Correctly to the Main Electricity Supply and Hold Down the ON Button to Switch it On.

  1. The ON light shines unsteadily during the same time that the printer is initializing.
  2. Remain inactive till the ON light flickers and continues to give off light; wait till it comes to an end.
  3. Supposing it is the case that you are printing a considerable amount of data like photographs or different kinds of illustrations, charts, diagrams, etc. then be mindful that printing will become a lengthier activity and will take more time to get going.
  4. The ON light keeps shining while the PC is sorting out data and dispatching it to the printer.
  5. Delay action until printing begins.

Check 2 : Ensure That the Canon Printer is Correctly Linked up to the Computer.

As soon as you join the printer to your computer with a USB cable, verify the following:

  1. In case you are making use of a relay device like a USB hub, first, remove its connection from a power source; later, link the printer straight to the PC and redo the printing.
  2. On the condition that printing commences as you might expect, in that case, there is a malfunction in the relay gadget.
  3. Get in touch with the dealer of the relay apparatus.
  4. Also, there is a possibility that your USB cable is problematic.
  5. Substitute the old USB cable with a brand-new one and make another attempt at printing.
  6. Assuming that you are using the printer over a LAN, double-check that the printer is set up in the approved manner for network use.
  7. Be aware that the IJ Network Device Setup Utility lets you diagnose the network and get it working again.
  8. Download it from the respective web pages.

Check 3 : Double-Check That Your Paper Supplies and Printing Paraphernalia Chime in with the Program Information for the Rear Tray.

In case your paper settings are not consistent with the adjusted data on the back tray, an error code will become visible on your LCD and an 'Error Occurs' message will pop up on your PC.

Check 4 : On the Assumption That You are Printing from a PC, Delete Uncalled-for Print Jobs.

Delete the not wanted Print Job

a-For Windows, see:

b-For Mac OS, see:

Check 5 : Before Printing, Did You Carefully Choose Your Printer's Printer Driver?

The printer will not print accurately in case you make use of a printer driver of a dissimilar printer.

  • For Windows, see to it that you are writing the name as 'Canon XXX series' (where "XXX" represents your printer's name) in the Print dialog box.
  • Select Set as Default Printer if you want to employ the printer that has been carefully chosen to be the most suitable and declared as default.
  • For Mac OS, be careful and pick out your printer's name under printer in the Print dialog.

Check 6 : Is Print Data Enormous? (Windows)

  • Click Print Options on Page Setup sheet of the printer driver.
  • At that point, decide on Prevention of Print Data Loss and change it to On in the dialog that comes into view.
  • This action can drive down the quality of the print.

Check-7: On Condition That You are Printing from Your PC, Start Your Computer Again After a While.



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How to Fix Canon TS3100 Printer Not Printing?

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