How to Fix Epson Printer Service Required Error?

Please let me know how to fix Epson printer service required error. I have no idea about this error. If anyone knows then give me any solution.

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Fix Epson Printer Service Required Error:

The well-known company Epson creates the highest-quality scanning and printing equipment. Furthermore, Epson printers occasionally display a "Service required" message and prevent customers from printing more pages. Here, we'll offer the pertinent advice required for fixing this mistake.

Error Message: Service Required

The sensors of your printer's ink cartridges give the message that whether your cartridges must be replaced or must be thoroughly cleaned, which is why the Epson Printer Service Required Error is shown. This error message and your Epson printer's red blinking light are related.

We'll now explain how to address the seemingly complex issue with your Epson Printer Service Required Error message.

How to Fix the Error "Service Required"

Step 1: For your Epson printer, install the Epson adjustment application. And here's a list of the Epson Adjustment Program.

Step 2: Run Adprog.exe after opening the Epson Resetter file you uploaded.

Step 3: Choose "Select" in the Adjustment Program.

Step 4: Click "Specific adjustment mode" now.

Step 5: Click "OK" after selecting "Waste Ink pad counter."

Step 6: Check the box next to the "Main pad counter." Next, select "Check."

Step 7: The number of printouts you've retrieved from your printer is displayed on this screen. Additionally, it will display 100% fullness. The 'Service required' error you were seeing was really caused by this. We would then explain to you how to remedy this issue.

Step 8: Once more, check the box next to "Main pad counter" and press "Initialize."

Step 9: Click "OK" in this pop-up box.

Step 10: The following pop-up box will request that you turn off the printer. Select "OK" once your printer has been turned off.

Step 11: The next pop-up box will request that you restart your printer. Click "OK" once your printer has restarted.

Step 12: Once more, check the box next to "Main pad counter," then select "Check."

Step 13: Both "point" and "percent" on this screen should read "0." This indicates that the problem has been solved.

Step 14: Now select "Finish" to close any Epson Adjustment Program-related windows.

So that's it. You can now print from your printer as usual because the Epson Service required error has been fixed.

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