How Do I Fix Epson Printer Not Printing Issue?

Fix Epson Printer not Printing Issues:

Epson printers are known for their rigidity and technical advancements but printers being a machine may falter at oddest of hours. Of all the queries and Epson printer problems the most common one is Epson printer not printing issues.

The state in which the Epson printer malfunctions and refuse to print papers. The reason for this kind of malfunctions can be attributed to a number of factors like.

  • Ink cartridge misplacement/empty
  • Paper Jam
  • Epson printer Driver failure.

In this article, I will address all the mentioned possibilities causing the Epson printer not printing issues. Follow the instructions to resolve the issue on your own.

Troubleshooting Techniques to Resolve Epson Printer not Printing Issues:

  1. Ink Cartridges Misplacement/Empty: One of the most probable causes for your Epson printer to able to print can be associated with ink cartridges. If the ink in the cartridge is finished or in some cases below the alert mark, printers will stop printing. These printers do give you a warning in advance.

Possible Solution: Open the top shelf of your Epson printer to get access to the ink cartridges. Now remove the cartridges one-by-one and see if the ink levels in them are up to the mark, if not change the ink.

Also, clean the printhead using a clean piece of cloth soaked in warm water and then place the cartridges back in position carefully. Make sure it is back in its position and print a trial page to make sure everything is fine.

  1. Paper Jam: Paper jam might not seem like a big issue but these small problems and neglection from the user can lead to printing issues in any printer. These paper jams can be easily avoided and should be avoided to prolong the life of your Epson printer.

Possible Solution: Check your paper tray and its side for any kind of chunk of paper causing the problem. Make sure to use the exact dimension of papers as specified by your manufacturer and do not overflow the paper tray.

  1. Epson Printer Driver Failure: Drivers are software programs written over the hardware to manage them and control their functionality. These software programs are vulnerable to getting corrupted or outdated from time to time. The good part is that these are available for free from your vendor’s official website.

Possible Solution: Update your Epson printer driver. Go to your vendor’s website and search your product by model number. Once you find it, go to its respective downloads section, here you will find all the drivers updated to the latest version. Download each of them and then install it for better results.

How to Increase Your Epson Printer’s Life?

In order to make your Epson printer stay away from trouble and have a longer life, make sure to keep certain points in mind.

  • Keep the Paper tray free of clutter.
  • Update your Epson printer driver from time-to-time.
  • Regularly clean your printer’s cleanable parts like a paper tray, printhead etc.
  • Upgrade the firmware from time-to-time.
  • Use the ink from your brand or the suggestions made by them.
  • Never overflow the Paper Tray.

By keeping and following these simple steps, a user can expect better life out of their printers. Always make sure to properly shut down your machine after use.


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