How to Fix Error on Canon Printer?

Hello, I just hooked my Canon 950 printer with Macbook Pro. While printing, documents look like they are going to print but LED flashes orange and nothing prints. At this moment, “error 311” displays on the system. I have no idea when everything is connected properly then why I am facing “error 311”. Please help me as I have to print some office documents.

  • Nick
  • 1 Answer
  • February 13, 2024
Answer - 1

Causes for Canon Printer Error 311 -

  • If Mac files are corrupted
  • Driver errors
  • If your Mac fails to run installed application
  • If there is some problem with memory
  • Separation of disk

To Fix Your Canon Printer Error 311, You Need to Check These Procedures -

Reset Canon Printer -

  1. Turn on your Canon printer.
  2. Wait for a few moments until your printer is idle.
  3. After some time, turn on your Canon printer and then disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer.
  4. Unplug the power cord and again wait for a couple of minutes.
  5. Wait for some moments and then again plug the power cord back to the wall outlet.

Update Mac Driver -

By updating Mac driver, I hope Canon error 311 Mac will get resolved. If you are using older drivers then this can create a lot of problems. Although it is also recommended by experts to keep updated drivers on Mac.

Scan for the Virus -

Mac files can get corrupted due to virus attack. If you think your Mac is infected by virus then immediately install a strong antivirus tool and permanently remove the entire virus that is harming your Mac files. So, install antivirus software and make a full scan of your Mac system. Once scanning gets to finish, restart your Mac OS X.

  •   Marvin
  •   November 2, 2020