How to Fix Paper Jams Problem in Canon Printer?

I have a Canon printer for last 6month but recently I'm facing paper jams problem in Canon printer and I already restart printer many times but unable to resolve problem So can anyone give me suggestion how I resolve paper jams problem in Canon printer

  •   Mick
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  • lay  Jan 4, 2021
Answer - 1

To Fix Canon Printer Paper Jam Problem, Just Go Through These Steps -

Step 1 : First of all, you have to remove the loose paper in the loading tray. After that, press the Resume button. Make sure there is no paper is stuck in the Canon printer.

Step 2 : Disconnect Canon printer by unplugging it from the power cord. Check the carriage and make sure it is properly moving in the right-hand side. If the carriage is stuck then move carriage forcefully.

After that, carefully remove the ink cartridge. Then rotate the rollers towards the top of the printer for three full rotations. Once you do that, replace the ink cartridges. Then plug in your Canon printer back in and turn it on.

Once You Have Removed Canon Printer Paper Jam, Then Test Your Canon Printer -

Put some papers in the loading tray. After that, print a test page. Press and hold the Resume button until your printer starts printing.

Are you still having the same problem with your Canon printer paper jam? Don’t worry at all, just head towards to Canon Printer forum and obtain one of the finest Printer help directly from top-notched experts.

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