How to Fix Printer Error Resolution not Supported?

Hello, Please let me know how to fix printer error resolution not supported. I am facing some type of error. I have no idea about ho to fix it. Help me.

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Answer - 1

Fix Printer Error Resolution not Supported:

Are you encountering printer error resolution not supported? If yes, then don't worry as we can provide you with every possible information that you need to know in order to fix this problem. Here, we are available with multiple solutions to fix resolution not supported error.

Solution 1: Reinstall the Printer Drivers

Below is the step by step process that you need to carry out in order to reinstall your printer.

Step 1: Go to the Start menu.

Step 2: After that, search for the Control Panel and then launch it.

Step 3: Then, go to Hardware and Sound and then go to Printers.

Step 4: Select the printer device whose driver you need to install. After that, choose Run as administrator.

Step 5: Select Properties.

Step 6: Now, select Advanced.

Step 7: After that, click on the new driver tab and carry out the instructions appearing on the screen for installing the driver.

In case it is still displaying resolution not supported error, then this can be because of your drivers. If the printer driver is causing some problems, then you will not be able to print the documents anymore. There is a chance that your printer may not work the way it is supposed to work. To resolve this problem, you need to reinstall the drivers of your printer.

Solution 2: Reset Your Printer

This remedy always works in fixing wireless printing issues. One simple trick of resetting the printer can resolve several issues. In order to perform the reset process, you need to disconnect the power wire without turning off your printer device.

After that, you need to wait for at least 30 seconds prior to reconnecting the power wire to the printer. In case your printer device does not turn on automatically, then press the power button. Once you are done performing these steps on your printer, then you need to do the same thing with your PC.

Solution 3: Change the Setting of DPI

Mentioned below are the settings that you need to carry out to change the DPI setting.

Step 1: Select the document that you want to print.

Step 2: Go to the Page Layout tab in the group of Page Setup and then select launcher.

Step 3: On the Page Tab, you will see the Print quality box.  There, select the resolution that you wish to use.

Step 4: The DPI settings are based on the printer type which you are using. If you are not sure of the precise value, then select a lower value. This will surely fix your resolution not supported error.

Solution 4: Delete Your Printer and Add it Again

If the issue is still persisting, then you need to go to System and Preferences, then move to printers and scanners

After that, remove the printer. If you wish to use it in the future, then you need to re-add it to the list of printers by using Printers & Scanners preferences one more time.

In case the network printer that you wish to use does not appear in the list of available printers, then you need to add it.

Please ensure that your printer has any one of the protocols out of Internet printing protocol, HP Jetdirect, Line printer Daemon, and AirPrint. Once you are done performing all the steps above, the printer error resolution not supported will no longer trouble you.


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