How to Fix Printer Installation Error 0x00000057?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix printer installation error 0x00000057. When i am trying to install printer then they show me the some type of eroor. Help me.

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Answer - 1

Fix Printer Error 0x00000057:

Several times, you might have to face a running situation while trying to connect a network printer from one of the print servers. Error 0x00000057 occurs saying that Windows cannot connect to the printer appeared on a client machine. The error usually occurs during the installation of the printer driver from the Print Server. But this is fixed on the client-side. And so the steps to solve this problem are discussed below.

In case if the network driver you are trying to connect is already installed on the problem computer, then try to remove manually from the driver store. Next, launch the dialog box with the list of the print drivers installed locally and delete the driver of the printer you want to connect (applicable for both x64 and x86 versions).

Simple Steps to Fix Printer Error 0x00000057:

Step 1: Firstly, you have to press on the Windows key provided on your keyboard.

Step 2: Search and select for the Control Panel option from the list of applications displayed.

Step 3: Now, as you enter the Control Panel window, go to the Devices and Printers section inside that and scroll down until you see the Add a Printer option provided.

Step 4: Here, you will have to choose to Create a new Port option and then select the Local Port in the Type of port shown.

Step 5: Next, you will be asked to enter the Network Path to the computer printer as, \\ComputerName\SharedPrinterName.

Step 6: Now, select the targeted printer from the list of options and then click on Replace the driver that is currently installed option.

Step 7: After this much process, you will see a dialog box on your screen which will ask you whether you wish to share the computer printer or not. so, if you want to do so, then you will need to assign a unique name to the device. Optionally, you can also choose the suggested name or given any name as you desire.

Following up all these steps, if you still get the Printer Error 0x00000057 and if you are unable to add printers to your computer, it is best to get the direct help from the printer support technicians.

Why and When Error 0x00000057 Occurs?

Printer Error 0x00000057 is one of the most common and popular errors reported by several computer users who use printers on a daily basis for their personal work or professional use. Basically, the critical occurrence of this Printer Installation Error 0x00000057 error is now considered as an annoying computer printer error.

Not just it prevents users from adding a printer to their PC but also hampers the complete workflow. This Error 0x00000057 usually happens because of the presence of corrupt drivers while there are many other reasons that may also trigger this error. Below listed are some quick troubleshooting steps that might help you to resolve the Printer Installation Error 0x00000057.

As they already have an experience in dealing with all these number of common printer issues including printer driver is unavailable and wireless printer offline errors. This simply means that they would be able to fix them easily and sooner without hampering your work.

There is no doubt in the fact that printers along with computers have greatly improved and advanced our work style. As different varieties of computer printers have made our life a lot easier and better. These devices allow and help us to print hundreds or thousands of documents a day without making any kind of delays.

So, it is pretty obvious to conclude that millions of employees and employers from all over the globe are completely dependent on digital printers. Unlike the other kinds of electronic devices and machines, printers require regular maintenance and timely care.

But if you fail to take good care of your printer, then you surely might have to experience certain problems or issues. One among them is Printer Error 0x00000057.

Other problems may also occur like printer driver is an unavailable error, wireless printer offline issue, and other common printer errors. So, to lead and fix such issues with your printer, we have this simple guide for you.

Hope this step by step guide to resolve Printer Installation Error 0x00000057 is easy yet helpful for the printer users.

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