How to Fix the System Error E225 Canon Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix the system error E225 Canon printer. I am not able to fix it, Help me.

Fix the System Error E225 Canon Printer:

This multifunctional canon printer is ideal for offices and medium size house. One of the best feature of this printer is you can give print command from your Facebook account, Instagram, Google drive, one note and Photobucket.

Steps to Resolve System Error E225 Canon Printer:

Step 1 : Firstly you are advised to disconnect the power cord which is attached with your machine for up to 10 minutes.

Step 2 : Then reconnect power cord with the unit and plug into another power outlet which is direct to the wall. Connecting with wall power outlet means to ensure to receiving full power.

Step 3 : Once the new CIS unit has been initialized which confirms that a Canon printer error e225 does not exist and does not display on the LCD panel.

Step 4 : After following these steps, if you are still facing this Canon system error e225 and failed to connect to qualified.

Step 5 : You can call customer for getting an immediate response and find the best solutions with the help of an executive. Executives are ready to solve your problem related to your canon printer error e225.

If you are receiving this error continuously on your LCD panel, you need to update your firmware to resolve this error issue. Basically this problem is related with CIS unit it might be dustfull or cable problem or there might be a chance that CIS lamp may be weak. So in this situation either you need to replace your cable with the new one or you have to change CIS lamp.

There are Some Pros and Cons of This Multifunctional Printer are Following.

  • Canon printer low ink consumer.
  • It is very easy to setup.
  • It is very handful and user friendly and easy to use.
  • It provides wireless printing feature.
  • It has a small cartridge which is the drawback of this printer.
  • Canon printer’s scanning speed is very low.

Though it is an electronic device, so there might be a chance of getting some errors like paper jams, out of ink cartridge etc. But here we are discussing another kind of system error which is known as system error E225 canon printer.

In order to fix this system error E225 which might comes due to faulty CIS light intensity lamp until error which need to be replaced So it is required to check CIS cable and its home position sensor, It is a plastic strip which is off white color and it is located just above the CIS home position and it is attached the platen glasses.

You can also try to install the firmware which is used to resolve the error. After updating or installing firmware, still you are facing this error issue, you can refer this article or you can connect with canon customer care to resolve your issue in the shortest duration of time.

Causes and Impact of Error E225 on the Canon Printer:

There are so many impacts of this Canon error e225-001 on the printer like the user is not able to access the menu option through LCD panel of canon printer because the error message is displayed on the LCD panel of the screen. To resolve this error, you need to install the firmware incorrectly way.

One of another method or ways is some time error E225 comes due to printer driver software. Sometimes frequently switching on or off might cause of crash the printer driver. So to reset your printer from your personal computer, you are required to uninstall the printer software connect the printer only when you are prompted to connect it.

When you connect your Canon printer, it will detect your canon printer automatically as new hardware and it will be installed. Now you are required to check the printer’s properties and lookout the ink level of the printer to get rid of another error.

Canon printer is a multifunctional printer which comes with inkjet technology and its printer resolution is 4800*1200 dpi and its printing speed on black print out is 9.9 PPM and on color print speed it is around 5.7 PPM. Its paper tray accepts A4, A5, B5, Legal page.

The wireless canon printer is a multifunctional printer that let you express your individuality and it enable you to print the paper remotely on demand anywhere. Though it is a multifunctional printer so canon printer is shareable which means you can share this canon printer with other user to give permission of printing command.

This is the detailed document of why system Error E225 on Canon Printer occurs and how to resolve this error.



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How to Fix the System Error E225 Canon Printer?

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