How to Scan to Computer on Canon Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to scan to computer on Canon printer. I am facing some issues while scanning. Guide me.

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Answer - 1

Steps to scan to Computer on Canon Printer -

Step 1: Confirm that your printer is turned on, then press the SCAN button.

Step 2: Choose the connected computer wherever your scanned pictures are going to be saved.

  • If your only connected computer is connected by a USB cable, you must see the scan standby screen and may continue to step.
  • To choose the destination laptop, use the left-right arrow buttons to pick the laptop. Press OK.
  • Use the up-down arrow buttons to pick the pc able to save your scanned pictures, then press OK.

Step 3: Use the left-right arrow buttons to pick the document sort to use relevant settings as per Scan settings.

Note: you'll choose motorcar scan once you are saving to a USB-connected laptop.

  • With a motorcar scan, the printer mechanically detects the kind of originals and adjusts the scan settings to the best size, resolution, and data formatting.
  • If the scanning result with motorcar scan isn't satisfactory, choose Document or icon.

Step 4: Press the properly perform button if you wish to regulate scan settings, like the scan size, resolution, or data formatting. Use the UP-DOWN arrow buttons to pick the setting item or the left-right arrow buttons to specify the setting, then press OK.

Step 5: Load the first document or icon on the scanning surface (platen glass) or within the automatic document feeder (ADF).

Step 6: Push the color button to color scanning or the Black button for black and white scanning. The printer can begin scanning.

  • If your original document or icon is loaded on the scanning surface (not the automated feeder), and you have selected PDF or Compact PDF format, the printer can scan the first.
  • Then, a confirmation screen can show asking if you wish to load another original to scan.
  • You can opt to load another original page or press the left to perform button once your area unit has done.

Step 7: When the scan is complete, the scanned image(s) files are going to be saved to your laptop.

Note: Default save location is Documents or My Documents folder betting on your Windows version.

Step 8: Don't forget to get rid of the first from the platen glass scanning surface or from the document output slot.

Need to Know:

Program Choice

The program choice screen is also displayed once pressing the Color or Black button to begin scanning. In most cases you must choose Canon IJ Scan Utility, however, you will prefer to send the scanned pictures to My Image Garden (not accessible for Windows XP).

Tip Scan photos and documents with My Image Garden and conjointly crop, optimize and print your scanned pictures.

Scan Settings

Understand scan setting choices for your MX922 printer like scan size, resolution, and data formatting.

Scan Originals

Load originals for scanning properly consistent with their type; otherwise, some originals might not be scanned properly.

You may scan photos, postcards, visiting cards, magazines, newspapers, documents.

Some Things cannot be Properly Scanned, Including:

  • A4 sized photos
  • Documents smaller than five inches x seven inches (127-millimeter x 178 mm) like a paperback with its backbone bring to a halt
  • Originals on the skinny written report
  • Long and slim originals like bird's-eye pictures
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