How to Set up a Wireless Connection for a Canon Pixma MX410?

Hello, Please let me know that how to set up a wireless connection for a Canon Pixma MX410. I am facing some issue while connecting Canon Pixma MX410 printer to wifi. Help me.

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Set Up a Wireless Connection for a Canon Pixma MX410:

Canon is one of the best brands in the market that offers products for the use of common people. These products have established their names in the market by providing efficient services to the technical as well as non-technical users.

There are lots of products available in the market and the Canon MX410 printer is one of those products. To get the best performance from this device, it is very important for a user to know the steps that would help to set up a wireless connection for a Canon Pixma MX410.

We have provided some very easy steps to help users Set up a Wireless Connection for a Canon Pixma MX410 and by following these steps you can easily perform the setup of Canon MX410.

The installation software that forward with the Canon PIXMA MX410 automates the configuration of the wireless network, but if you skipped that portion of the wizard or didn't have an available point set up at the time, you can use the Canon IJ Network Tool to connect your printer to a WiFi hotspot.

You'll have to know your wireless network's coding method and security key to setup the connection.

Steps to Set Up a Wireless Connection for a Canon Pixma MX410-

Follow the steps given below to Set Up a Wireless Connection for a Canon Pixma MX410:

Step 1 : Tap on the ‘Network Connection’ icon in the notification area, choose your wireless network from the list and after that tap on the "Connect" button.

Step 2 : Right-tap on the network, choose ‘View Connection Properties’ from the context menu and then verify ‘Show Characters.’

Step 3 : Note down the information next to Security Type, coding Type and Network Security Key, then click ‘Cancel.’

Step 4 : Attach one end of a data cable to a numbered port on the back of the router and after that attach the other end to the printer.

Step 5 : Push ‘Windows-Q,’ and enter ‘IJ Network Tool’ into the search bar, then choose ‘IJ Network Tool’ from the results.

Step 6 : Switch on the printer and after that tap on "Update" to view the printer in the Canon IJ Network Tool.

Step 7 : Choose the "PIXMA MX410" and then click "Configuration." Select the "Wireless LAN" tab and after that type the name of the access point.

Step 8 : Tap on the "Search," choose the appropriate network from the results and after that tap ‘Set.’

Step 9 : Choose the appropriate security protocol - WEP, WPA or WPA2 - from the ‘Encryption Method’ drop-down menu.

Step 10 : Tap on the ‘Configuration’ and follow the on-screen steps to set your security key. The steps differ, based on the encryption method selected.

Step 11 : Choose ‘Get IP Address Automatically’ and then click ‘OK’ to complete setup and close all windows.

Step 12 : Put a blank sheet of paper into the rear tray of the MX410 and then press the "Menu" on the control panel to go to Device Settings.

Step 13 : Take the directional pad to select "LAN Settings" from the options and then push the "OK" button.

Take the directional pad to select "Print LAN Details" and then push "OK" to print out a copy of your network settings.


In case, the network tool fails to detect the Canon PIXMA, connect it to the PC via USB and then click "Update."

Permit all print work to complete before opening the IJ Network Tool.


Information in this article applies to Windows 8. It may differ just or considerably with other versions or products.

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