How to Setup Canon MX450 Wireless Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup canon mx450 wireless printer. I bought this Canon mx450 wireless router. But now i a trying to connect it then it's not connecting.

Setup Canon MX450 Wireless Printer:

If you are wondering how you can setup Canon mx450 wireless printer, then take a look at the guide below.

Step 1 : Preparing to Connect

Please ensure that your printing device is powered ON. The green colored power button will glow after the device powers on.

Step 2 : Canon mx450 Wireless Setup

  • Push the setup button (A) on your printing machine.

  • Use the left arrow or right arrow buttons on your printer to choose device settings.

  • Pess on the button of OK.
  • Choose the wireless LAN settings.

  • Press the button of OK one more time.
  • Now, choose wireless LAN setup.

  • Now, select Ok.

The blue-colored Wi-Fi lamp will turn ON.

Step 3 : Selection of Setup Process

The printer will start looking for the router that supports Wireless protected setup.

Step 4 : WPS Push Button Method

  • On your router, press and hold the WPS button. In order to know the details regarding how to press WPS button, take a look at your router manual.

  • After two minutes, press the button of OK. The Wi-Fi light of your printer will start blinking while connecting to the network or while looking for a network to connect to.
  • Press on the button of Ok when the left screen opens up.

  • Now, press the button of copy.

So, this is how to connect Canon mx450 printer to wifi network.

How to Setup Canon MX450 Wireless Printer?

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