How to Setup Canon Pixma MG2922 Wireless Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup canon Pixma MG2922 wireless printer. I bought this new router but don't know about it's setup. Help me.

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Setup Canon Pixma MG2922 Wireless Printer:

Canon printer devices are known for their exceptional print quality and speed. Nevertheless, you won’t be able to use the printer device if you haven’t installed your Canon pixma wireless printer. Hence in this blog, you will learn how to set up a Canon Pixma wireless printer in a hassle-free manner.

Canon MG2922 Wireless Setup-

Canon Pixma wireless printer setup can be done in two ways. These two methods enable you to avoid any kind of clashes during the installation stage. One way to set up your Canon wireless printer is to use the WPS connection method and the other one is the standard connection process. We will discuss both the methods in detail below.

Using WPS Method-

Mentioned below are the steps that you are required to perform in order to setup Canon Pixma MG2922 wireless printer using WPS method.

Step 1: The first thing that you need to do is to power on your Canon printer and then press the Wi-Fi button that is given at the top of your printer machine. Don't release the Wi-Fi button until the light starts flashing.

Step 2: After that, you need to check if the lamp is displaying any blue indicator or not. In case the blue indicator does not appear, then reboot your printer machine.

Step 3: In the next step, you are required to find the access point and press the WPS button within the next two minutes.

Step 4: After that, you will witness that a blue light is blinking, which signifies that WPS is trying to connect with your router unit. The light will become stable once the connection is established.

Step 5: Once you are done with the connection process, the next thing that you are required to do is to load A-4 size sheets in the tray and take a look at the wireless connection status before making a soft copy.

Step 6: After that, select the documents that you wish to print and then click on the print icon or press Ctrl+P on your keyboard.

Using Standard Connection Method-

Mentioned below are the steps that you are required to carry out in order to setup Canon Pixma MG2922 wireless printer using standard connection method.

Step 1: If you are a user of Windows, then you can insert an installation disc to perform the Canon printer wireless setup. If you are a Mac user, then go to the official website of Apple and download the right software.

Step 2: After that, click on Next to finish the installation. If you are a Mac user, then select the button of install helper and then select the button of Next by carrying out the instructions appearing on the screen.

Step 3: Also, you need to make sure that the power light of your Canon printer device is turned on. After that, click on Next to open another window.

Step 4: In the next step, you are required to select the option of “connect to the network” and then choose the option of Cableless setup from the screen appearing before you.

Step 5: After that, tap on the Wi-Fi button when the next Window opens up. Keep on pressing the Wi-Fi button until the orange light appears.

Step 6: Please ensure that the Wi-Fi lamp displays its active status and the green light is turned on.

Step 7: Select the Next button to open two new windows.

Step 8: After that, you are required to select your region and residential place.

Step 9: Then, you need to choose and install the new version of your Canon printer software. Once you are done, select Next.

Step 10: After that, you need to Tap on Yes given at the end of the Terms and Conditions dialog box.

Step 11: After you are done accepting the terms of the license agreement, select Finish to end the installation process.

Points to Remember-

  • Please ensure that your printer unit and device are in the ready state prior to launching the spooling program.
  • Keep a check on the signal strength as it keeps on falling frequently. Also, try to resolve the connectivity issue by introducing some changes in the connection setup. Alternately, you can get in touch with the internet service provider.
  • The network needs to use the WPA2 or WPA method to use the internet and to adhere to its protocol. If not, then you will not be able to implement the setup process successfully.

How to Connect the Canon MG2922 Printer to the Wireless Network?

Sometimes due to installation issues or registry failure issues, you encounter wireless setup issues. If such a thing happens, then you can perform the steps given below to fix the problem that you are encountering.

Step 1: Launch the window of the Control Panel and then select the option of Hardware and Sound.

Step 2: After that, a new window will open up before you. From there, select the option of Printers and then right click on the Canon MG2922.

Step 3: Then, you need to click on the option of Run as administrator.

Step 4: Now, open the Properties Window and then go to the Advanced tab.

Step 5: Click on the New Driver tab and then carry out the prompts appearing before you by clicking on the option of Install the Driver.

Step 6: The installation process is going to take a few minutes in getting completed. Once the process is over, you need to check if your printer device is working or not.

So, above mentioned were the two methods that you need to carry out in order to setup Canon Pixma MG2922 wireless printer. In case you are not able to connect your printer device to the internet, then you can acquire technical assistance by getting in touch with the Canon printer executives. Canon’s team of experienced associates will hear you out and aid you in fixing the technical disturbances that you are facing.

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