How to Setup Canon Pixma TS3122?

Hello, Please tell me about how to setup Canon Pixma TS3122 printer. I bought this Canon pixma TS3122 printer. But don't know how to set this Canon Pixma TS 3122 printer.

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Canon Pixma TS3122 Setup:

If you are looking forward to knowing how you can setup canon pixma ts3122, then below mentioned are the setup procedures that one must follow:

Step 1 : First of all, you need to remove all the protective material from your printer. Lift the cover of the scanner unit of your printer. Open the output tray of your printer. Remove the cartridge holder from your printer and at the same time take off the protective materials.

Step 2 : Connect one end of the power wire to your printer and connect the other end to the power source.

Step 3 : Then to setup canon pixma ts3122, turn on you printer for selecting the language preference by going to the operation panel and then click on the button of OK.

Step 4 : Turn off your printer and then open the cover is your scanner. Put the cover of ink cartridge back to its place and then close the cover of your scanner. Turn on your printer and then press the button of setup and then click on the wireless LAN setup and then finally press ok.

Step 5 : Choose easy setup and then press on OK. Choose access point and then press ok. Put WEP key and press on OK.

Step 6 : Put the setup CD in the tray of CD-ROM. Insert the tray.

Step 7 : In the next step to Canon pixma ts3122 setup, run the Canon TS3122 driver program. Choose the country that you live in currently. After that, select next.

Step 8 : Select easy to install and install the program.

Step 9 : Select the use printer on the network and then finally click on next.

Step 10 : Wait for the installation to get completed and then click on complete.

Step 11 : In the next step, the printer application menu is going to appear on the screen of your computer and it will indicate that your printer is ready for use.

How to Setup Canon Pixma TS3122 for Mac Computers?

Step 1 : Open your web browser and open the Canon website.

Step 2 : Look for the drivers and support on your website.

Step 3 : After that to setup Canon pixma ts3122, look at the list of the product type and look for the home office and consumer option.

Step 4 : Search for the list of product family and then select printers.

Step 5 : Choose the printer model and select the link right next to it.

Step 6 : Try looking for the operating system drop down menu. Try looking for the same version of your Mac operating system.

Step 7 : After that to setup canon pixma ts3122, you need to download a proper driver.

Step 8 : Once you have downloaded the driver, select that file by double clicking on it and a new window will open up.

Step 9 : Select the right file by double clicking on it and then it will start installing.

Step 10 : Select continue two times in a row and then click on install.

Step 11 : Connect your Mac computer system to the printer by using a USB wire and then turn on your printer.

How to Setup Canon Pixma TS3122 for Windows?

Step 1 : It is important for you to note that the drivers that you are going to install will establish the connection between your printer and Windows computer.

Step 2 : Turn off your Canon printer. It is important to turn off the printer for performing the important steps. You can’t turn it on unless you are asked to turn it on.

Step 3 : Also, your printer must have come along with a USB wire. Connect your computer system to the printer using the USB wire. Link the USB wire in the right ports of your printer and computer system.

Step 4 : Now to setup canon pixma ts3122, in the next step you can turn on your Canon printer.

Step 5 : Go to the Start button and click on it and after that you can move to the control panel Window. Now, on that Window locate both sound as well as the hardware option. After that, start searching for devices and printers and click on the option of “Add a printer”.

Step 6 : Now, go to the local printer. Note the uses of porting the printer and link it to the computer system. After that, go to that port and click on it.

Step 7 : A window will open up in front of you. Select Canon by going to that window and start locating the printer model on your own. Then, you need to click on Next.

  • Select the name for identifying the printer and again click on Next.
  • Then to setup canon pixma ts3122, you need to mention whether you are going to share your printer or not.
  • Choose whether you want your printer to be primary or not and then click on next.
  • Now, you can use your Canon printer.
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