How to Setup Canon TS3120 Wireless Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup Canon TS3120 wireless printer. I bought this Canon TS3120 wireless printer. But don't know about it's setup. Please help me.

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Answer - 1

Setup Canon TS3120 Wireless Printer:

Before you use your canon ts3120 wireless printer for printing or scanning purposes, there are certain things that you need to do beforehand. You need to first install the applications and drivers on the computer. Then, you need to connect your computer to a wireless network.

Given below are some of the instructions that you need to follow to setup canon ts3120 wireless printer.

The Entire Setup Procedure is Divided into Two Sections. These Include:
  • Easy wireless connect
  • Running and downloading the setup file for installing softwares and drivers

Part 1: Start Easy Wireless Connect

Before you setup your tab, smartphone, or computer system, you need to first start the easy wireless connect on your system. After that, you can proceed with completing the process to setup canon ts3120 wireless printer on your device or computer system.

Step 1 : In case your printer’s light is flashing, then you need to press the button of stop.

Step 2 : Press the button of direct on your printer and keep on holding it. Don’t release the button until it starts flashing.

Step 3 : Please ensure that the horizontal bars also flash on the screen.

Step 4 : Now to setup canon ts3120 wireless printer, go to the setup application screen and complete the setup procedure.

Part 2: Download the Setup File

Step 1 : First of all to setup canon ts3120 wireless printer, go to start setup and then select it.

Step 2 : Choose the right region and then click on next.

Step 3 : Now, the license agreement will open up in front of you. Click on yes if your agree.

Step 4 : Choose agree or do not agree when the survey pops up.

Step 5 : After that to setup canon ts3120 wireless printer, click on Next.

Step 6 : On the connection method screen, go to yes.

Step 7 : If choose wireless router screen opens up, then you will connect your printer to the wireless router. After that, enter the network password and click on Next.

Step 8 : Choose Wireless Router screen will open up. It depends on the router and its settings whether the screen will open up or not.

Step 9 : Now, the network connection is finally complete. After that, select next.

Step 10 : Test print and head alignment screen are going to open up after that. In case, you want to perform these tests, then follow the instructions on the screen

Step 11 : Now, in the next step, the software installation list is going to open up. Tick mark any application that you want to install.

Step 12 : Click next and then finally click on exit.

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