How to Setup Canon TS9120 Wireless Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to setup Canon ts9120 wireless printer. I bought this Canon ts9120 printer. But now i am trying to print with this printer then not printing. I have no idea where is the problem. Help me.

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Setup Canon TS9120 Wireless Printer:

In this article, we are going to explain how to setup Canon ts9120 wireless printer for getting printout wirelessly by the window computer system and scan the document. There are some prerequisite step to connect Canon ts9120 printer to wifi, first you need to connect your Canon printer with wireless network and you need to download the necessary or compatible Canon ts9120 driver and install it on the window.

We have explained the step by step procedure to setup Canon ts9120 wireless printer. We have divided this article in two parts.

Easy wireless Connect on the Canon ts9120 printer:

Step 1 : First you need to start your easy wireless connect on Canon ts9120  printer then you need to start following setup procedure.

Step 2 : You need to make sure first to start your printer, if the power is on in your printer, the power led of your printer is lighting. If your printer is performing some operations like cleaning, printing head alignment or some other process, let it to be complete first. If the home button is displayed on the left side of your device screen, click on that home button. If any error is displayed, then you need to press ok button, and repeat this procedure again.

Step 3 : Now you need to click Wi-Fi button, which is displayed on the screen.

Step 4 : After clicking on the button, you will see the LAN setting button, click on that button

Step 5 : After entering in LAN setting, click on wireless LAN option

Step 6 : Now you will get three options, WLAN active/inactive, Wireless LAN setup, Wireless LAN setting list

Step 7 : So you need to click on Wireless LAN setup

Step 8 : Now you will get four options

  1. Easy wireless connect
  2. Manual connect
  3. Push button method
  4. Other setup

Out of four options, you need to choose Easy wireless connect method.

Step 9 : Now you will get another window of ‘setting will be made on a computer or smartphone. etc. OK?, you need to click on ‘yes’

Step 10 : Printer operation is started on the screen, you need to wait until its completion, when printer operation is complete, you will get another window which says ‘follow the instructions on the computer or smartphone.etc to perform operation.

Now you need to return to the setup application screen and proceed with the setup. First part is now complete, now you need to download and run the setup file.

Download Canon Pixma ts9120 Setup File and Install:

Find the link to download the Canon pixma ts9120 setup, if you are using internet explorer, you will get a message to save this setup file Now you need to click on start setup.

Step 1 : Now you need to select appropriate region to continue your setup, Normally you have to select ‘USA, Canada, Latin America’ if your country is not appearing in the list

Step 2 : Now you will get the license screen of your setup, you need to select ‘yes’ from that to continue your setup, click ‘No’ to abort setup

Step 3 : Now you will get ‘Agree’ and ‘Do not agree’ to this survey, click on the Agree button

Step 4 : Now you will get firewall setting window, where you will select the ‘Next’ option

Step 5 : After clicking on the next button, you will get ‘check connection method’ window, where you need to choose ‘yes’ option to continue your setup

Step 6 : If setup continue, If you are getting the ‘select wireless router screen(below) appears, you need to select ‘wireless router’ to connect your printer, where you need to enter your network key and click the next button to continue.

Note: This above screen display is depends on your router’s network setting

Step 7 : Now the information page appears, this shows that your network connection is temporarily disabled during the whole setup, you need to wait for some time

Step 8 : Now you will get ‘network connection complete’ screen, where you need to click on ‘next’ button

Step 9 : Now the ‘test print screen’ appears next, if you select to perform the print, you need to follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 10 : Now you will get the ‘setup complete’ window, where you need to click on ‘next’

Step 11 : Now you need to select any optional application software desired, either you clear all the check boxes, or select one of them and click next

Step 12 : Click Next

Step 13 : Now you will get the user registration page either you need to click next or skip

Step 14 : Click on ‘Exit’

This is the complete step by step procedure to setup for canon ts9120 wireless printer.

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