ij start Canon TS3122 How to Connect Wireless

Hello, Please let me know that How to Connect Wireless IJ Start Canon TS3122 printer. I bought this IJ Start Canon TS3122 printer but don't don't know how to setup it. Help me.

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Answer - 1 ts3122 Setup:

There are certain access points, which are also called as hubs or router, which have an automatic connection button that has a label WPS also called Wi-Fi protected setup.

This is one way that enables the user to connect ts3122 printer to your network. The best thing about such kind of wireless connections is that you are not required to enter any password and use a simple and quick method to connect your device.

So far, this method is the easiest means to connect your ij.start.Canon TS3122 printer device. In case your device has a Wi-Fi protected setup button, then you need to choose the WPS connection method. Stated out below are the directions that you are required to follow.

Also, if your router device does not support Wi-Fi protected setup, then you can take a look at alternate instructions given under the Standard connection method to connect your Canon PIXMA printer.

So, here are certain steps that you need to follow in order to perform ts3122 setup.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup Connection Method:

  • Before getting started, there are certain conditions that you are required to meet to be able to use the WPS push button method.
  • The most important thing that you need to ensure is that your router needs to have a physical WPS push button on it. Before going forward with the process, you need to check the user guide of your device in order to obtain the information to run it properly.

  • In case the WPS push button is not available, then you can carry out the instructions that are given under standard connection method.

You must ensure that your network is WPA2 or WPA security protocols. These protocols are generally used by the most WPS-enabled routers.

So, Here are the Steps that You need to Carry Out for IJ.Start.Canon.TS3122 Setup-

Step 1:

  • Please ensure that your printer device is powered on.
  • Press the button of Wi-Fi and then hold it down. Keep on holding it till you see the alarm light blinking before you.

Step 2:

  • Please ensure that the light which is placed right after that button begins to blink blue and then go to your router device and then push the WPS button within 120 seconds.
  • In order to get perfect information on how to start WPS on your access point, take a look at the user guide.
  • The blue Wi-Fi lamp on your printer machine will continue to flash while you are searching. The Wi-Fi lamp and the power button will start flashing at the time of connecting to the access point.
  • Once a stable connection is established between your printer and wireless network, then the Wi-Fi light and the power light will start flashing and will remain turned on.

Confirm the Settings of the Network-

In order to confirm that your printer device is connected to the wireless network, you can try out printing the network settings of the printer if you wish to.

  • First of all, you need to ensure that your printer device is turned on. After that, you need to insert an A-4 size sheet or a plain paper, which is letter-sized.
  • Press the button of Cancel or Resume and keep on holding it until the light of your alarm flashes 15 times and then leave it.
  • Print out of network information page will come out.

At the time of referring to the printout, see if your connection says active and also check that the name of your wireless network is showing up the correct name of the wireless network.

So, this is the end of Wi-Fi protected setup procedure. Now, move ahead with the process of installing the software to connect ij start Canon TS3122 printer.

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