Printer Does Not Recognise Magenta Ink Tank

Canon Pixima MX 926 shows “Support Code 1660 The following ink tank can not be recognised,” magenta

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Canon Ink Cartridge Not Recognised:

Canon Ink cartridge cannot be recognised is a fairly common error experienced by many printers. Receiving one of these messages can be most frustrating because Canon ink cartridge not recognised error usually translates into printer not working.

The solution can often be as simple as switching the printer off and on again. If that doesn't work, there is no simple answer to this, there can be many causes.

It can get triggered by just about anything from cartridge declared empty by the printer to outdated or faulty chip, missing or incorrectly installed (not clicked in properly) cartridge, ink on the chip or printer contacts. It can also indicate some hardware fault with the printer itself.

Canon Ink Cartridges Cannot be Recognised Error be Fixed?

You can try to update firmware on printer and try to Reinstall the driver for the printer. You can try to hard reset the printer try to remove the cartridges and plug it back.

Check Both Cartridges are in the Correct Position: The cartridges used in these printers are very similar in appearance and you would be forgiven for getting them mixed up when it comes to installing them.

Printer take certain precautions when designing printers to stop cartridges being installed in the wrong slot but cartridges can still be installed either through the use of brute force or the presence of universal lids used by some third part ink cartridge manufacturers.

To ensure that magenta cartridges are in the correct place get your cartridges into the cartridge replacement position and examine the cartridge cradle and its surrounding area. You should see some indication as to which side each cartridge goes here and check your own cartridges accordingly.

If You Want to Perform a Manual Process to Fix magenta not printing canon Error Then Go with the Following Given Steps:

* Ensure that magenta cartridge chip is clean, free of ink smear and debris plug properly.

* Verify that the printer contact pin is clean, free of ink smear and debris.

* Please be sure that the magenta cartridge is placed in the printer tightly & securely. Move it down hard until hearing a click. If the magenta cartridge looks to be loose, so then insert the folded paper to the back and then push the magenta cartridge forward to have good contact with the printer.

The users need to install a non-OEM cartridge as soon as possible. And don’t wait till OEM cartridges empty.

* The users have to put the OEM cartridge back and then follow the on-screen prompt to just change cartridges.

Power off the printer and leave it about 1 hour and then power it on.

Remove all cartridges, and then run the printer without any cartridge. This thing will create a no cartridge installed error and then remove the ink cartridge empty error. After the printer settles down, uses on-screen prompt to change cartridges.

In this way you can easily fix Canon ink cartridge not recognised problem, if the canon printer will not fix might be the printer have hardware problem on it.

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