Printer for Vector Map Printing

Question about buying a realy large (!) format printer for printing vector maps. Some advices? Wall size, decoration purpose, you know.

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Printer for Vector Map Printing:

About Map Printing:-

Map printing can be more involved than simple printing of word processing documents or PowerPoint presentations.Map files can be very large in size and temporarily consume large amounts of diskspace while printing .

Setting Up Page Size of Your Map Layout:

Layout is the arrangement of map elements of various types on a page for of the initial steps in building your layout is to set the desired page size using the Page and Print setupdialog box.

Steps for Setting the Layout's Page Size:-

1. Click on the option File >Page and Print Setup on the main menu to open the Page and Print Setup dialog box.

2. You can set yours layout page size as shown below.

By default the page size of your layout for a blank map will be set to the printer's paper size.

3. To set your own page size you need to uncheck the Use Printing Paper Setting check box to set the page size of your layout.You can choose any page dimensions you want ,but the printer name will not be saved with the map document(.mxd).

4.Set the page size by typing the preferred page dimensions into the Width and Height boxes.

Alternatively ,you can select a standard page size from the Standard Sizes drop -down list,such as ANSI C,Architectural D,or ISO A2.

5.Once you change your layout's page size, you will need to resize and reposition all the map elements to fit the new page dimensions.

Now the Best Printer Suitable for Map Printing are Given Below:-

  1. HP Deskjet 3630 (Small, affordable and smartly designed).
  2. Canon Pixma TS8050 (High Quality, all in one printer)
  3. HP Envy 5540
  4. Epson
  5. canon Pixma Pro-100s
  6. Canon PIXMA TS9150
  7. HP Deskjet 2130 all-in-one printer
  8. HP Sprocket Photo Printer.
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