Printer WiFi Says its Connected But Won't Print

Canon printer says connected but won't print, I have a Canon PIXMA G4210 at home. It is an all-in-one wireless printer which I bought 3 months back. Today morning when I gave a print command it simply did not work. I checked the connections and even the wifi, they all were connected then why does my printer won't print? Can anyone here tell me what the issue is?

  •   Mick
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  • lay  Nov 28, 2020
Answer - 1

Printer Says Connected But won't Print :

The reason for your printer not able to process print command from your computer even though it is connected to your wifi can be attributed to different factors.

I will discuss a few troubleshooting techniques to resolve the problem of printer says connected but won't print, kindly follow them carefully:

1. Restart Your Printer Setup: A very basic technique proven to eliminate minor software glitches, restarting your system will let it any minor snag to go away. So switch off your printer, router, and computer for a couple of minutes and restart them again. Try printing a page and see if the issue is resolved.

2. Restart the Printer Spooler Service: Printer Spooler services send the print command to your printer machine if it malfunctions then your printer would not be able to receive any. So go to your device manager and click on the printer device. From the settings change the Spooler service to Automatic and save the settings.

3. Delete Previous Print Queue: If you have given multiple print commands and various others are pending too, then chances are your print might get hanged. So go to your printer's queue and delete all previous print logs and see if that makes a difference.

4. Check for Paper Tray Jam: If the paper tray is dirty or blocked due to excess use, your print command will not be followed. so make sure there is no paper tray jam. Also, use the correct dimension of papers as per your machine guidance.

5. Update Drivers: Drivers are software program installed in your printer machine to control the functionalities of the hardware parts. These drivers are vulnerable to getting corrupted or outdated thus affecting the performance of your printer.

So go to your vendor's official website and download the latest version of available drivers for your printer and install it.

Hopefully, these methods will help you out in fixing the problem of printer is connected but won't print. In case you have any further doubts or queries, feel free to reply back and I will be glad to respond.

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