Scan Images Onto a Computer from Canon Printer

I have a Canon all-in-one laser printer at home which I have bought recently. The printer prints fine and I have been using it for a couple of weeks but recently I tried scanning nothing happened. I tried a couple of times but alas! the same result. Do I have to install a separate software for my Printer scanner to work? Is there a issue with my printer? Can anyone here tell me what is the possible solution or do I get a replacement since it is still under warranty?

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  • lay  Oct 31, 2020
Answer - 1

Hello Nick, there is no need to replace your printer as you can easily scan images using your Canon printer, all you need to do is just follow the instructions that are outlined below -

  1. Take a USB power cable and connect your computer to Canon all-in-one laser printer. After this, you have to install all drivers that came along with your Canon printer. It is necessary to properly install Canon printer drivers otherwise your system is unable to import scanned images to your computer. Once drivers get installed, proceed to next step.
  2. Power on your Canon printer and then lift the cover that is located on the top of the scanner bed. After this, position the image face down on the scanner glass and then close the lid to secure the image.
  3. Next tap on Start> All Programs> Accessories. After this, choose the option “Scanner and camera wizard”.
  4. Scanner and Camera wizard is a pre-installed application that is found on all windows operating system.
  5. Then select the Scan option and then choose the connected Canon all-in-one laser printer. Again tap on Scan button. Now the scanned image will display on your computer’s screen.
  6. Move to the upper left corner of the desktop and then tap on “File” option. Now a save window will appear on the screen, just title the image and after this ave the image to a particular location.

Now that image file will successfully save on your system.

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