Why I am Facing a Problem with My Canon Printer While Scanning?

I can’t scan documents to my Windows 7 PC but on the other hand, my Canon scanner is printing smoothly. When I try to scan pdf files, “can’t communicate with scanner” message displays on the screen. But interesting thing is that when I connect my Canon printer to MacBook and try to scan something, everything goes smoothly. Is something is missing or I have to download any driver on my computer? (I am using Canon MX870 Scanner)

  • Samuel
  • 1 Answer
  • February 13, 2024
Answer - 1

Canon MX870 Scanner Not Working -

If you can’t scan on Canon MX870 Scanner, then check these few things -

Physical connections

If the USB cable that is connected to your Canon printer and the system is loose or not tightly plugged then no doubt in saying that you will experience issues in scanning. When you are unable to scan, just have a look at your printer’s power cable if it is securely plugged into the wall and also in the printer’s power port (back panel).

Incorrectly Installed Canon MX870 Drivers 

If you are print drivers using generic print drivers then the best way to access your Canon printer features is that you have installed all of its included software.

If due to any reason the drivers are not installed properly then definitely you will experience the problem in printing. If you have lost Canon printer’s installation CD then there is no need to get worried as you can install all drivers from Canon official website.

Scanning with Low Ink

Although Canon printer automatically shut down its features if the ink levels are too low. But you can override them easily to continue scanning. To activate Canon mx870 printer scanning functionality, just press the printer’s “Stop” button for a couple of moments to close ink level sensor.

Print Server Issues 

If the computer that is connected to your Canon mx870 printer via network unable to sense its ink level then you should understand that you won’t have the ability to scan. So, after checking the above thing, I hope you will understand Canon mx870 troubleshooting when it won’t scan.

  •   Darin
  •   December 12, 2020