Why I am Unable to Connect Canon MX330 to Network?

I have a Canon mx330 printer at home for over an year now. The printer used to work just fine and never gave me any major trouble of that sort. I have a Windows PC at home and recently I got it updated to Windows 10. I also updates the drivers and firmware of the printer and since the update my printer refuses to connect to the home network. Can anyone here tell me what the issue is here? Is the the printer or my router?

  • Allen
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  • February 13, 2024
Answer - 1

Canon MX330 Wireless Setup-

Technical problems can arise in Canon MX330 printer due to the small change in settings or any other factor but instead of worrying you can resolve your Canon printer’s issue on your own.

If your Canon MX330 printer is not working with Windows 10 then the first thing to check is that make sure your Canon printer is on. You can also run printing troubleshooter that is provided by Microsoft to resolve your Canon MX330 wifi issue.

If your Canon MX330 Printer is Still not Working Then You have to Uninstall Printer -

  • Open Start menu and then tap on “Devices & Printers”.

  • Next, choose your Canon printer and then select the option “Remove Device” from the top of the screen.

  •  Then reinstall your Canon printer.
  • If your Windows 10 operating system does not find the driver for Canon printer then you have to manually perform this task. For this, visit Canon official website and then search for Drivers.

  • Download the driver on your Windows 10 operating system and responds to the instructions given by printer manufacturer.

After upgrading your system to Windows 10, if the printer is detected then you have to follow on-screen prompts to install the printer.

If Windows 10 does not find any canon mx330 driver then -

  1. Click the option “The printer I want is not listed” and then proceed to next step.
  2. After this, choose the option “My printer is little older. Help me find it”. Hit Next.
  3. Now your Windows 10 will search for the connected printer and install your Canon printer using compatible canon mx330 driver in database.
  •   Alex
  •   November 11, 2020