Why is Canon MG5220 Printer Not Printing Black Ink?

Hello, Please let me know that why is canon mg5220 printer not printing black ink. I am trying to print but fail every time to print black print with mg5220 printer. Help me.

Canon MG5220 Printer not Printing Black Ink:

Canon mg 5220 is very advanced wireless inkjet printer with all in one facility. It has very stylish design, compact design. Canon mg5220 printer comes with combination of performance and convenience. It has built in Wi-Fi that let you easily print the page and scan the page wirelessly around your house. It also has capability to print the photo by using any type of compatible phone, ipad and any type of android device. It usually prints page with 9600*2400 maximum color dpi. It also comes with Color LCD touch panel.

Some time use face difficulty to get printout by using your canon mg5220 printer like it does not print the paper and not able to scan the document. One of the general issue is that your canon mg5220 printer not printing black ink. This specifies that all color cartridges is working but black color cartridge is not working.

So there are several reasons behind it. So here we are discussing every possible cause behind to canon mg5220 printer not printing black ink with its solutions. So one of the cause is printer head nozzle which prevent it from releasing black ink onto the paper. Second reason is if your black cartridge ink is out or if your blank ink cartridge is clogged out.

Following are Some Solutions Which are Used to Get Rid Off When Canon MG5220 Printer not Printing Black Ink:

For this you need to clean the nozzle first then do some basic troubleshooting process which might help you to restore your black ink functionality.

For Cleaning Process:

  • First you need to on power for your printer.
  • Then you need to make sure that A4 and A5 size paper should be in the paper tray.
  • You need to open paper output tray(B) and output tray extension(A).

  • You need to start cleaning process by selecting setup by using your printer’s panel, you need to press tool icon to select setup.

Note: You need to use reimaging plus utility to recover your computer’s corrupt file, which might be one of the cause of not getting black ink at the printout. Reimaging plus will replace or recover your computer corrupt files. In most of the cases this type of issue might be resolve by using reimaging plus.

  • Then you need to locate maintenance menu by using arrow key, after locating you need to select maintenance menu and press ok button to enter in.
  • Where you need to select deep cleaning and then press ok button.

  • Here you need to confirm your process by selecting yes option then press OK button. This will begin your cleaning process where you need to wait for some time until cleaning process completion. You are advised not to do any type of operation during cleaning process. Generally it takes 3 to 4 minutes to complete the whole process.
  • Then you will see pattern print confirmation on the screen than you need to press OK button.

Note: If above solution does not work for you, then it is advised you to download reimaging plus repair tool which will scan your whole repository to replace your missing and corrupt files. This works in most of the case where issue is coming out from your system. Reimaging tool will optimize your system for getting maximum performance.

Let us Discuss Some Frequently Asked Question Related with Black Ink Cartridge is Not Working with Your Canon Printer:

  • One of the user facing problem that canon mg5220 printer not printing black ink, so he bought a new cartridge to replace old cartridge. So we advised him to use old cartridge but before using old cartridge, he should shake the old cartridge before installing to ensure that if it print black or not. Some time ink is not coming out. So you need to shake cartridge completely for getting out black ink from the cartridge.
  • You need to clean the metal copper like contacts on the cartridge and ink cartridge as well.
  • Do the cleaning process with cotton slab with warm water. You need to dip cotton slab in the warm water and start cleaning process.
  • If cartridge has low ink, you need to refill it or replace it with new one.
  • You can try to turn off your printer and turn it again after some time.
  • You need to pull out your cartridge first from the printer and reinsert again to resolve your issue.
  • Clean the printer head.

After adopting all the above solutions, still you are facing issues; you can contact canon customer support to resolve your issue.

This is the detailed document on Canon mg5220 printer not printing black ink.



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Why is Canon MG5220 Printer Not Printing Black Ink?

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